Grumble Grumble – end of an era?

Letter to the Editor:

Hi Damon, a lot a lot of us Seniors hang out at McDonald’s to meet up with friends for coffee and cake, or worse. We read the free newspapers. During school hours of course when it is quieter.

We have done it since we brought our kids there and even though they are long grown up and gone we still find it a comfort zone.
The free coffee on production of the Seniors card goes very well with a scone and jam. Oh I know they have healthy options, but I can have a salad sandwich at home.
My friend and I go way back and used to meet to catch up at Mayfield Maccas,then King Street and after ten years away in UK and losing touch I ran into her again in Belmont McDonald’s. Talk about synchronicity.
But we are not happy. Things are changing. The famous friendly service is no more. You will be lucky if anybody meets you at the counter. Dont they want us cluttering up their space?

Obviously we are not buying enough, but it all adds up since 1973 (see my last epistle on how country folks used to travel down to the first local McĎonalds at Broadmeadow just for the novelty.)

My main bone of contention is that they are trying to force us into going up to an electronic board and giving it our order, thus cutting out at least one staff member. Well sorry but I cant even see to read the board, and it doesn’t smile back at me and brighten my day.
Then you have to hang around the counter till someone brings your order then clear off. I dont think so.

I catch someone’s eye and they punch in my order begrudgingly. On the third attempt the trainee gets it right. They give us a number to go and sit down and eventually, between serving the drive-thru, our orders arrive.

Obviously Management wants to automate the process as much as possible but my worry is where are our grandkids going to start out once the machines have taken over their jobs?
The newspapers will be next to go because we can get the news on our smartphones.
My friend went ballistic recently when everywhere she turned in the franchise she was faced with unfriendly notices telling her to use the kiosk ordering system. She put in a complaint. The signs disappeared. We oldies wont be ordered around.
Oops, maybe that’s why we arent welcome any more? Well we shall see.