Easily Sidetracked!

Wide awake at 5:30 having had enough sleep in bits and pieces and yes up with nothing hurting sure have had a fight with myself not to go back to bed but I will only toss and turn and get sore. Major breakthrough up and coffee made door open to allow fresh air and and the sun not even up yet. So the body is actually ahead of the brain I sit down at the laptop in front of the TV screen the intention n to do something useful but when I turn on the TV Stonehouse Revival is on then Barnwood Builders and they’re doing a beautiful outdoor setting for a wedding. Of course I am drawn in. I haven’t seen many of those and that’s just beautiful seeing the old buildings instead of all these concrete new designs. Looking at those old buildings makes me feel good. Although it does set me of wanting to move the furniture and that is a no no lol. Now we are on the third episode and it is 6:30. I have this going on the smartphone in front of an unfinished project as I open the laptop in front of the tv. How high-tech is that! Oh-oh it seems to need an Adobe login and I don’t think I have one . So I am dictating this trying to tear myself away from the TV screen and switch it over to just showing the laptop. But then why should I if it is making me feel good don’t you think? We need lots of things to make us feel good. I have found a position on my office chair that takes the pressure off my spine and there is just a niggle where where the hip tissue tends to swell up and I am sitting with my feet resting on a box that is just putting me in a comfortable position. I have told myself only to sit here for up to an hour and do something useful so maybe this blog counts although I am dictating it to my smartphone instead of using the laptop, which has decided to update itself and restart. I really don’t get on with this machine and I know I can tell it not to update. My brain is still only working on the front all the rest is still asleep but I feel good. So I’m off to lie down once I find a stylus and this program is starting to freeze up so maybe it’s a bit early for it too. Then I think I will have a little sleep and start all over again.

17″ Laptop updating in front of tv
Stone House Revival on tv

One thought on “Easily Sidetracked!

  1. Yes, a little bit of what makes you feel good is the order of the day. Right answer, you moving furniture is an absolute no- no; put it on a list of things for me or Richard to do next time either of us visit!


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