Recipes in Audio Form possible?

It may prove to be too expensive to produce but I am putting my name down for my copy of Lee Holmes audio book, if it happens, especially if it can talk me through as I prepare and cook a recipe. Since more people are using audio books while being active: walking, doing housework, craft, etc this may come to fruition.

It was very kind of Author, Lee Holmes, to reply to my email after her book launch of Supercharge Your Life last night. I am genuinely excited to try the recipes from Eat Yourself Beautiful that I purchased, and it is a long time since I brought either a lifestyle or cookery book. Cutlery crossed for very positive results!***********

Dear Eunice I

your blog it looks so great thank you for this and hope you enjoy the book I’ll speak to my publisher about the audio version too x lee

Lee Holmes


On 22 Feb 2019, at 12:47 am, euniceenglish wrote……

PS I would love to have it as an audio book plus photo album because I am visually impaired and it could be reading to me while I cooked the recipes. This might appeal to sighted people also to help them as they make the recipes.