Broken Tooth

Off to the dentist for an emergency appointment. Serves me right for making popcorn last night. I belive Madopar weakens teeth? Yet another medical bill, partly covered by insurance. There goes my fun money again. The good news is that Melanie’s surgery looks directly over the lake from the chair and is near the ice cream shop. 30 mins wait for everything to settle and Im in there while I wait for my taxi home. Fortunately I now have half price taxi vouchers dùe to my arthritis and low vision though it was a fight to get them. Taxis are expensive due to the distance between everywhere. Think I will ask about removing all my troublesome teeth and getting a new bright smile. That usuaĺly almost requires selling the house to pay for. My neurologist is not back till the 28th so I cant sort my meds out till then but another night last night with leg spams keeping me awake. I can cope with restless legs but this drives me bonkers. Apart from the anticipated ice cream cone I am cutting back on sweet things because that can set the legs off so I read. Still learning about low protein ďiet and how it affects levadopa absorption. Ì found a good pdf through Google but it wont let me copy the link. I will add the name of it later.Any day now they are going to declare levadopamine in pill formformats is really bad stuff and find a natural way for I shouldnt feel this ill all the time on something that is supposed to be good for me. But really it is too much natural sugar in my diet surely? It is siesta time but I must get going. Up one flight of stairs to the mailbox. Up and down the flight of steps to the deñtist. A short walk to and from taxi. Some exercise at least. Aiden my podiatrist who has just tortured me digging into my ingrown toenail confirmed the arthritis is worse in my left foot. I need orthopaedic slippers. They cost a fortune. There goes The Inheritance. Who said I was High Maintenance?

View from Bay Arcade Dental Surgery
Got my smile back at dentist

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