Tiger Moth Near Miss

I wrote this last week but forgot to publish!

Blacksmiths Beach
New South Wales

They were talking about having hallucinations with Parkinson’s at the clinic and yesterday I thought I had had one. I was at the computer, heard a plane going low over the village that I thought might have been one of the helicopters heading for Belmont airport.

“That is making a clattering noise”, I said to myself. Shortly after another plane came over that I knew was one of the vintage ones because we have a tiger moth and a spitfire that fly over regularly and are based locally. I was wondering to myself whether that was the Spitfire but it sounded more like the tiger moth.

I always have had this weirdď thing about a plane crashing into the village but I had that at Highfields when the helicopters used to come over the Gully there. Everybody has a weird fantasy but this would be a nightmare.

I thought no more of it until the news came on later sayinģ a tiger moth plane on it’s way from Luskintyre by Maitland had done an emergency Landing on Blacksmiths Beach nearby! I thought I was dreaming , but here it is in in print.

There were 3 vintage planes in all in the flight. I still didn’t believe it so I cjecked the maps and yes it does seem it went over and landed just a bit further past on the beach. My geography is hopeless so look for yourself via the link.


There is also avideo

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