Hello Viewers!

I’m thrilled to find I have a couple of ‘Parky People’ as I call us following my blog so now I can follow theirs and we can support each other which is what it’s all about. It helps to learn about your voice and writing issues etc. Anyone not familiar with PD thinks I am making it up! I am fortunate to be in a region where good support and latest research is available. hope among on all the waffling I do there is some helpful information and I am sending out love to all of you who are struggling with this because you can read between the lines.

Next to my pot garden on my patio

One thought on “Hello Viewers!

  1. Keep up the great work, Euni!

    Your diary could even be distilled one day to help a Parkinson’s study.

    It certainly helps me understand more of what you’re having to deal with.. you’re a courageous lady.



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