I have just saved myself a long trip to wherever to update my address for voting in state and federal elections. I did it all online and apart from having to go and find my passport it was quite easy though it did seem to still take ages.

Once I had got through all the palaver -a lot of it autofills from information on my computer, saves typing it all out – I was able to sign it digitally using a stylus on the touchpad of my laptop. Way to go! Another job done.

Now to renew my passport online before the time limit is up. More expense for something I will no longer be using, but when you dont have a drivers licence they often dont want your identity card so it is handy to have.

Then I decided to get back to my book but my back was aching too much by then so I will aim for 4pm to retry. I have to find out how to get my laptop which is a couple of years old up to date with Windows and setup because it is just too messy and everytime I try to do something there are obstacles where is my last laptop was so easy. This one is still on Windows 7 which doesn’t help and I have got on it just the parts I need.

I did pay monthly for office 365 or whatever it’s called but I wasn’t using it. It is so easy using the tablet lying down and once I get the talking program which I will call my dragon I can lie down and using the Word program on the tablet I can talk away to my heart’s content.

I used to like sitting up at the computer typing it all so quickly. One positive thing is that I am getting back to using a keyboard with touchpad and less tremor, and finally remembering where all the keys are which is funny as I have been typing since I was 15. It is good for the brain anyway.