Vision Australia

Just had a call back from our local branch about speech to text programs because I am having so much difficulty dictating with my Scottish English Australian accent that voice recognition gets terribly confused and comes up with things I certainly would never have said and this takes careful watching. It can be funny at times but did nearly get me into trouble.

I have been hearing about a program called Dragon that is better than the rest but I believe it may be about $700 and if it’s not going to work that is no good.

I may be able to get it through my NIB medical fund extras or even my care plan although that doesn’t seem to go very far but should because it is a level 3 which is for the pretty decrepit.

Further to my previous post I did get up the hill, around to the mailbox and along to the hall and back in full sun – uphill half of the way and had hardly hardly been home long when I started to feel l again but at least I had a few hours when I didn’t feel really ill.

So I’ve been doing things on the tablet lying down, such as updating my virus scanning program which I haven’t needed for the past two years since I have not really used to laptop online or or at all.

While I was sitting at my office chair by the tv this morning I managed to find some good videos on diets for diverticulitis which is not directly related to Parkinson’s but I know a few of you get it. I ‘cast’ them to the large tv screen for a good view.

I find YouTube information videos very helpful since I have low vision for reading. You can’t tell how accurate the information is because some contradict others in small areas but there again medical journals can do that.

My helper was here for an hour to do my bathroom and vacuuming the bits I have missed so I was able to pass on information to her since her health is not too good at the moment. I feel guilty letting her do my housework when she should be sitting down! But at least she is getting paid and before she came I had got the washing on, everything already and the kitchen tidy so it makes me keep on top of things and by the time she gets here I am ready to lie down or at least sit down out of her way and do something useful on my internet.

My arm has recovered from the vein failing during the contrast injection for my cat scan which showed infected diverticulitis and my antibiotics have done some good. Might get another dose on Monday if necessary.

The eye injection has not caused any problems so I am quite confident about going back next month. The procedure is now fast and painless.

It is unfortunate that I have to miss a Parkinson’s dance class each time but there you go only so many hours in a day and days in a week.

Janet, Angela and I have booked into a free seminar at the library on the 29. It is about healthy eating and smoothies and stuff.

He is promoting a book about it that I thought my vegetarian granddaughter my like for her library.

Dont tell, but we are going to McDonald’s first. I know that is unhealthy but I have the fillet of fish and a small packet of fries with the free Seniors latte and a caramel sundae (small size because I am on a diet 😊).

So after a rocky week when fortunately I was assisted by Angela who was taking a break from her other caring role which gave Richard a break from having to come and plug in and set up my new modem which we did between us without him clever us,life is back on its wobbly downhill course.

Angela at the Chocolate shop cafe at Kotara Westfield