T too much drama

I am dictating this while lying down with my right arm on an ice pack. It’s been quite a few days. I have been very poorly with abdominal pain thought to be diverticulitis infection in the sides where I have the other pain. I am giant I enjoy it my exercise classes but became very unwell. Fire 2 days I could hardly do anything. This morning I was up and ready to go for my CT scan of the abdomen despite not having much sleep due to violence Ledger can leg jerk in keeping me awake. Anyway I had a go at guessing up the steps to the mailbox to stretch my legs. That was very difficult. Then I got to the bin up on the top level with the rubbish turns around and headed slowly down the hill with my Walker relator to the hostel where I left the package with my bowel scan test for the porcelain and sat in the air conditioning to wait for the taxi but then I saw the grey husky dog which looks like a wolf roaming outside the door then another two dogs running free as well and we had seen this dog the other day while in my taxi and the driver said it belongs true local drug dealers and was great and nasty dog. There was a little old lady sitting outside when the dog was near her but it wasn’t aggressive and she came in through the sliding door. The three dogs seemed quite excited and were prowling about by the sliding glass door looking for a way into the aged care home so I tried to get Lake Macquarie council on the phone. On the 3rd go after being on hold I’m giving up I tried another department and as soon as I told the operator what was happening she recognised the dog and the problem and took the details to notify the dog catcher immediately. In the meantime the owner of the dog who looks the type came and grab the dog and threw it into the car leaving the other two dogs. The swirly one seemed to go away and the boxer type dog hung around and then slow cha sloped off. I was still waiting for my taxi but realised I did not have to go out with my wheels among those dogs Forster. It was hot and sticky already and I was in quite lather by the time the taxi got me 2 Radiology I nearly went into give blood next door instead. I have to fill in a form etc I nearly died when I saw I would be having cannula inserted 4 contrast injection. When he puts it in to my right elbow inner arm it was quite comfortable as we started the process. Then he injected the contrast and left the room quickly to go to the machine. I felt the usual hot sensation as it went in but my arm really hurts and I called out but nobody came. Then my arm felt a bit fizzy in the area and the Veil twitch quite noticeably. I knew something was wrong but I had my arms above my head logo welder machine what’s trending away. The young man got quite a shock when he came back to check my arm and soul the swelling around the vein. He called the supervisor and they put an ice pack on immediately who to help and there does not seem to be a lot of blood on the outside although there had been some leakage under the skin which will show up during the week. Luckily my friend Janet who is a nurse or was a nurse was meeting me at McDonald’s nearby and she came to see what was holding things up so we walked over to the restaurant once my disc was ready to take with me. I had the sausage and egg McMuffin I had been craving some fries and the caramel sundae Sunday that keeps me doing these days. After a while the usual 8 in my back said it was time to go home I’m a taxi got me there so here I am lying down I’m feeling ok. I will come back and edit this later

Its been a rough few days. You don’t want to know. Had first Lucentis injection in right eye. New method painless. Each month won’t seem so bad now