Is it worth it ?

Of course it is, eventually. But what a struggle I have just getting to these blessed exercise classes. Yesterday I got through the class no bother at Charlestown but the agency sent my carer to my home address to collect me instead of the multipurpose centre when I was waiting in the heat. I had already done quite a lot of physical stuff so it was straight to bed for the afternoon. Luckily I slept well last night stages once the pain or off but the exercises had not added to that pain. This morning I took the recycling up to the bin then walked in the heat to the community hall where I had told the taxi service to pick me up in future because they cannot park in front of my place on the lower level and it is just too complicated trying to work out where they’re going to be. Most of the time they go looking for me at the aged care facility down below at the bottom of the hill which wastes another 15 minutes at least before they have to come up the hill to find me . When it did turn up it was that rude Indian driver in the wheelchair bus that I had so much trouble with last time. The hospital had told 13 Cabs to always send a car not a bus because of arthritis in my spine and knees and neck and feet. You’ll see what I mean. Last time I gave in and went on the bus and was nearly passing out from the pain and the trapped nerve going around my hip into my abdomen and was nearly in tears I think I mentioned that before. So this time I stood my ground without shouting and refused to go with him. So I had to wait 20 minutes while they sent another car luckily it was a local one with Margaret who drives me regularly so we had a nice chat on the way. I had been about to ring and use my taxi vouchers but I didn’t need to this time. They were about to start at the Parkinson’s clinic at Rankin Park Hospital when I got there, having done the talking bit. I got through exercises quite well but my left side was weak especially left arm. We then did 3 laps of the corridors, making sure to swing arms because my left arm does not move and has not done for a long time so I have to learn to walk properly or relearn to walk properly. I did well in the voice section with being able to hold a note for a longer time . 24 seconds this week.We then had a cup of tea and a biscuit followed by a talk on incontinence and constipation. That kept us quiet. It was quite interesting and I found I need to drink 2 litres of water a day not 4 as I thought so at least I manage that Target. When she was talking about food’s for fibre was really struggling to keep my eyes open it was not that I wanted to go to sleep but my eyes get really tired and simply will not stay open. Then it was another half an hour before my taxi came to get me and soon as I got home I had to lie down I felt so ill. I lay lay down all afternoon, had a little sleep but mainly did things on my Samsung e5 tablet after getting up to deal with Telstra and my non working internet and telephone landline. I was on hold for 12 minutes then had to answer all these questions and check my plugs all of which and I really didn’t feel like doing but the young man from Asia was very pleasant. They are sending me a new modem which may arrive by Friday when the technician will be arriving probably at the same time as my cleaner but you have to get them when you can. They have also forward any calls from my landline to my mobile until the line is fixed. I don’t use that phone but doctors and offices use that number if they want to contact me. So I came back to lie down again feeling so weak. There are other things going on and my body I will get looked at as I should not be feeling this poorly all the time and have increased my exercise. My knee that I hurt yesterday doing light lunges at dance class has settled down after today’s exercises and a double dose of Celebrex. There are so few painkillers my system can tolerate so that is optimum medication ànd doesnt 0work all that well paracetamol three times a day if necessary. Tomorrow I go out with my shopping helper and will collect some bits for a Chinese recipe that Angela and I are going to try when she comes down here on Monday. She is going to drop me at the eye specialist atKotara on Tuesday and fill in the couple of hours it takes looking for things for her mother. I was going to book transport through my carers but since they always get confused and it’s not always my fault I was going to book a taxi with my vouchers but Angela is planning to get away from the heat of Singleton where her air conditioner is not helping much and will camp out on my sofa under the air conditioner. The good news is my TV is working again but at least six TVs in the village have been ruined in the last storm on Sunday. The one that knocked out my modem and landline. Repair men have been finally today but I had met Norman rolling around on his mobility scooter who came up to me to tell me while I was waiting for my taxi. He was so upset about not having had TV for two days he walked away and was half way home before he remembered he had left his scooter under the tree and I hadn’t realised he was going home! I did try to ring up repairs for him but you know how hard it is to see the screen out in the sunshine then the repairs office was on hold for ages so I gave up. Also somebody new has moved into one of the units on the other block so that is mildly exciting. Hope he is not a bit touchy feely like Norman who is getting the message not to touch mey when he is talking to me as I have told him I will Thump him. He once again reiterated that I was going out looking nice so I must be looking for a man. That is such a sexist remark especially since my eyesight is so bad I couldn’t see one if I fell over him and that is probably what would happen. So it is bedtime and pain across my instep is going to keep me awake again. My tablet is on charge but this was the third time in a couple of days that it has just shut down and restarted in the middle of what I was doing which means that it may be on it’s contract is due to run out in June that I don’t want to have to get another one. Luckily I have got an iPad with a crack in the corner of screen as back up. Oh dear whatever next. another hot day and the whole month of heat that will make this our hottest January on record for this area . then humid inanother month and bang we are back into winter since we don’t seem to have spring or or autumn anymore just winter bang summer bang winter. I have got that kilo back down but I’ve still got to go down another one. well the full battery is running down now the tablet battery has had to go back on charge and my battery will be starting to recharge anytime now which is not what I want since I want to go to sleep.