Exercise is good for you – not

They say exercise gets up your endorphins to make you feel good but I had a doctor once who said “Eunice stop trying to get fit it’s going to kill you!”, asI told you before, and that is how I feel today. By the time I got to the Parkinson’s dance class at Charlestown I had been out in the heat round the block and up the hill and down the ramp and back to my front door looking for my driver. Ihad given them the wrong time and absolutely everything had gone wrong since I got up. One of those days.

The Class itself was great and the other people lovely but it was a bit of a shock to find out I could not see the movements properly especially with her hands but it didn’t seem to matter because they all knew I was starting today and they knew the moves I just got on with it so I could follow them.

It is good doing the moves sitting down to music. which was the old swing style stuff. We didn’t rush and each move came with a mental picture such as opening a window and with the music it made it much easier to remember the routine.

When it finished we had a cup of coffee witb a biscuit and a bit of a chat. As usual I couldn’t hear much of what was being said which is why I dont go up to things in our hall.

Then my carer went to my home address to pick me up instead of to the multi-purpose centre in Charlestown so I had to wait in the foyer in the heat until she came 20 minutes later. I am not complaining since I messed up my pickup time earlier anyway.

We went through McDonald’s drive-in there and I bought a fillet of fish and fries with orange juice. No caramel sundae!

By the time I got home I could hardly hold up my Burger to eat it. Then I went to bed with my phone and found my Wi-Fi is still not working since the storm but my mobile phone Internet is.

My new sneakers had come just before I set off and only one pair fitted. I really wanted the rlose gold ones to fit, they were such fun, but they are a size too small and it is too expensive to post them back to America. I really like them. They were going to be a bit of fun but perhaps I can make them into planter for succulents. They were a bargain anyway.

So I have messed up my arthritic right knee doing the lunges and at 8 p.m. my right leg is swollen and I have my other Parkinson’s s exercises at the hospital tomorrow morning.

Every time I do exercise I end up with so much inflammation and pain it really isn’t worth it but of course the first time is supposed to be the worst and mentally it is supposed to help except I am feeling really fat fed up and sorry for myself. I am trying not to go to sleep till later but it was well past 2 a.m. before I got to sleep then I woke up again till about 5 am this morning . The air conditioner is on again thank the lord so the place is keeping cool.

I should have watered the plants before I got into my nightie so I hope it rains.

The good news is that this evening the television signal has returned after the storm the bad news is there is nothing worth watching and it is too uncomfortable sitting in the chair.

The other good news, I hope, is that my 17 year old granddaughter went on her After School cruise this afternoon and my son sent me a photo of the ship leaving Sydney Harbour.

Must stop thinking about heavy seas around New Zealand and people trying to spike their drinks to take advantage of them.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow had better be a better day. No, I must be positive -tomorrow will be a better day.