Text to Karen

Hello and thanks. I eat too much with natural sugar. Trying to overcome that. I do fruit and yogurt smoothies with oatmeal. I ended up boiling rice last night. I have one of those glass topped cookers that return the hitch so I bring the right up to boil a few seconds then put the lid on and turn it off and go away full stop one cup of dried rice to 3 cups of water and a little oil to stop it burning over full stop or oil on Troubled Water and all that. When I came back your said all absorbs and was perfect . I had with microwaved Coles butter chicken. Too much added sugar I suspect but very pleasant. Saved some rice for fried rice today. Adding egg ham and peas. Also marinating diced chicken breast in honey soy ginger corn flour ginger syrup and chopped 5 veg for stir fry. Must add mushrooms. Can’t remember if marinade should have egg yolk. Chicken comes out crispy. Yesday I couldn’t even lift my arms! Today I am fine. Fibro settled. Roslyn my neighbour is coming at 4.30 for her delayed dinner that I had to cancel yesday. I washed and chopped the celer

y at midnight when I had revived! I will copy this to my blog since my stylus arm is now sore from peeling and slicing! Thanks Karen xx