Something Lovely Just Happened!

Don’t you just love my Modern look bird bath ? It is a terracotta agricultural pipe that was on sale on Gumtree locally, plus a tick pottery mixing bowl..

I had been trying to find one in Bunnings and other places but they only had plastic pipes now. I was getting despondent.

Then my friend Ang sent me an email with a link to some pipes at Jewells which is not too far away for $10 collect. I sent a message to ask if they would deliver one for $15 but I hadn’t heard back.

Then today, Sunday, just after I had finished my previous Post the doorbell rang and here was I having just laid down, struggling to get up again!

A smiling young man in hiviz workman gear and Aussie sun hat that builders wear was at the door holding up a hexagonal terracotta pipe.

It was exactly the kind of pipe I had been looking for to no avail. I scuffled off to get the money which course took me ages.

But the young man would not accept my $15 because the pipe was to make a bird bath for the native birds. Wasn’t that just lovely! Then he asked where the top was for the base and filled it with water, so here it is.

I know the birds like it because the bowl was on the floor out there and the birds that are quite tame and had been using it. I will add a rock so the smaller birds can get out.

So there you have it! Oliver’s Italian-style modern bird bowl that does not get hot in this 40° heat, raised off the floor and in a safe spot in the shade.

We oldies get so used to people trying to rip us off (like the person who stole my purse), that I am so thrilled this young person, who knew I didn’t have transport, took time out on a very hot Australia Day weekend to surprise me with the very piece of pipe I had been looking for.

Happy Day