Baď Fright

35C today, but just clouding over. I’ve had the air-conditioning on for the past 2 night’s as well as days, because I swell up like a blimp in the heat.

When I got to bed my legs started jerking every time I drifted off to sleep, plus the swelling in the top of my left ankle was too painful to get comfortable. Eventually I got up, ate cheese and biscuits, then settled into my recliner and watched Barnwood Builders. I must have switched the tv off and fallen asleep, but before I did I had a couple of dropping sensations, as if the floor was falling away. I wondered if I was dying, but it didnt hurt. When I awoke from a deep sleep, lying back in my armchair, I couldn’t move. Not even a finger, but could feel the icy air from the aircon across from me. It didn’t hurt, but I wondered if I called out to Google Home, whether it could ring 000. My throat was dry but I just lay there, unable to lift even my finger, but very cold. It was quite comfortable and preferable to all the pain and discomfort of earlier, so I drifted off. Still the same when I awoke, and I thought about how long it would be till someone found my body and at least it would have kept chilled by the aircon. The third time I could feel the energy returning and eventually got up, went to the toilet then drank a glass of water. Switched off the a.c. but it took ages and a warm coffee to warm up. Now 3.47pm and I had only had cheese and crackers for lunch but have had a couple of good sleeps. Before my ‘freeze I had been having a horrible dream. Lately, in my dreams I am being abandoned by the people I have loved, though this isn’t the case. I have washed my hair and showered and feel up to peeling and chopping the veg my neighbour brought in yesterday. I suggested we make a stir fry and she has offered to help and preparing veg yesterday was just impossible because I felt too weary. I had done some bits of exercise over the day but it just triggered everything off it seems. Also, I knew I was consuming too much sugar in all the dates etc I was eating. I remembered about 1pm to try getting my sugar down with cider vinegar in eater.

Maybe Ros and I will have our chicken stir fry after all, since that is easier than going to the Chinese takeaway in this heat.

Will venture outside. This is the third time I have had the paralysis. I think it is quite common and sleep related.

Update: got some veg out but too weak to chop so working up to heating up frozen butter chicken in the microwave. May liven up later.

Thought it was clouding over and the radar showed cloud. Then I opened the blinds. 32C in the shade by the door. Week 3