Garden Update Jan 2019

It is surviving the long heat wave with the daily watering and I’m learning what plants can cope with the sea air from beyond the lake. It will be 2 years in May since I moved in and it has been a slow but pleasant process, bearing in mind the very poor gravelly soil dictates keeping plants in containers. I go for contrast between each plant so that I can see them more clearly. I’m not very good at picking up leaves and the eucalyptus tree nearby is constantly sending more my way. Anyway I am enjoying my patio and courtyard Gardens I’m trying for a French or Italian feel to it. Suprisingly my 2 olive trees which are my favourites are doing quite well fingers crossed. I will reward them with a proper big pot each later n the year when the heat wont knock them dead. The trees in the background have been pruned for safety and hopefully any bushfires will stay well away. So here we have my latest arty farty selection. It takes a long while to establish any garden especially when you use cuttings as I often do. They provide nice memories of the people who gave them to me.