That was  how one of my teachers once described me and it can be a good trait because today my little outdoor coffee table arrived. In bits. Suspected it mìght, so I asked For from next door to come in with her spectacles to read the instructions. Then we had a coffee and chocolate biscuits  and read the instructions again. Then we threw away the instructions and got started. Being blind I had to do it mainly by touch and probably an hour later voila then it was. I was going to wait for my son who is the whizz on flat packs but then it had to be sitting in the living room with nowhere to go, so now it is outside just the right size not in the way. Job done. Brownie point for determination. The downside is that carried away by our success Ross and I then decided to share my new petunias among her and my pot,s cut back a rose bush, tip compost into pots and have both finished up with very yaching backs! But as everything had been going haywire from first thing this morning it is all turned around and it may even rain.