Braved the heat to go out

That was a big mistake. Angela, who has been visiting, and I decided to go out for lunch despite the heat and were pleased to find a bit of a breeze-up near the lake but I got really really tired in the restaurant, possibly due to llspasms in my ribs at the back and pain in my abdomen whole sitting and felt the need to go to sleep so by the time we got to Bunnings I opted to stay in the car with the window open and had a couple of twinges when I felt I was passing out and my chest was a bit uncomfortable. Anyway I went to sleep till Ang got back and went straight home to lie down but just making it along the path was an effort. I promptly fell asleep. There is a nice breeze this evening and the temperature has gone down thank goodness for it has been in the thirties for days.

Oh and I didn’t finish that caramel cheesecake since I’m on a diet. What was I thinking to order it in the first place?