Phase 2 complete Christmas Eve in Oz

Not feeling too good but have been plodding on with most jobs done except the washing up. will go for a lie down for an hour then get stuck in. This all worked very well.

Turkey cooked in its foil case seems nice and moist with pleasant taste. Bit of a cheat but never mind.

The blueberry surprise trifle is in the fridge just waiting for the cream and sprinkles tomorrow. Looks pretty (see photo.)

My famous potato salad has additional garlic in it this time. I chop potatoes and boil with one chicken stock cube or more and minced garlic till soft but not pulpy.Make sure they are dry then add Heinz salad cream to coat and toss.

If they absorb too much add more salad cream on serving and toss through chopped parsley

Just add whipped cream and sprinkles