10.58 Xmas Eve

Presents for the family

Well it is done. All the preparation for tomorrow while listening to A Woman Walked Into a Bar by Rowan Coleman. Not a long book, bit predictable, but touching and humerous. Better than the Xmas stuff on TV. Same old. I havent touched a drop of the …you know what. Just apple juìce wìthh tonic water, plus a decaf coffee. Ive plated Xmas cake, 2 types of cheese and walnuts. Sliced the turkey and plated that. Washed lettuce All time consuming jobs. I dont know why I do it every year. The hostess thing. It was just so good to be able to plan ahead, make a list, and follow through. Been a while since I needed to. Stupid though since only two people are coming but salad takes longer to assemble than a baked dinner if you add more than lettuce, cucumber! Peel and slice. But I cant do it with anyone around. I totally lose focus. Plus I can chop and slice at night without the shakes llike many Parkies. Ive got my clothes reaďy for the morning for I wont be rushing.

But this is the last time. There is no room foŕ a proper table and as soon as I get things out ready in the open plan room the whole place looks untidy. That irks me.

That is why I prefer to eat out.