Im Losing It?

Flowers make me feel good
My kind of humour. Courtesy Facebook
Heartwarming colours of my miniature rose

o I havent been on the Xmas Apricot liqueur but the increased dose of one full 125 tabletß 3 times a day of Madopar is doing my head in, though I have been quite active, but very tired and a bit feď up today. My pain levels have dropped thanks to the injection. It could be the cortisone affecting me but I have to document this. Im really feeling the pressure of Xmas. Cant wait for it to be over. Bad things hàppen, have happened at Xmas. But Christmas, the loving non-Xmas Christmas is good. Jesus came along. A teacher who roamed about for only a very short time spreading peace, love, honesty and respect only where it was due. It has influenced people for over 22,000 years. If everbody lived by it, instead of building religions and rules around Love thy neighbour (but not too well), look after each other, repent of your sins and move on to a better life, share your wealth and success then the world would be perfect, (but a little bit boring?) You tell me Jesus didnt say that? Prove it! Works for me. You never hear of Isis spreading the love.

Going back to losing my mind. I just watched five comedy programmes in a row and sorry, but not only did none of it make me laugh, but some of it irritated, especially the American office sitcoms. More slap-in-your-face than slapstick. The last one had some interesting concepts, but so forced and fragmented I need to watch it again because it was visual humour taking place behind the verbal, and tv is visual, innit. Ànyway, this mornings shakes have stopped, Ive done my Friday clean and washing with my helper (with their new regulations we still have to do the hard stuff ourselves or pay someone else to do it.) Bah humbug I am allowed to be a grumpy old person. I think I can get to sleep now, or turn back into a pumpkin as it was midnight when I started. My typing has speeded up from when I began. Still frustratingly show, one letter tap per second. The injection seems to be effective this time. Just have to take it easy as sometimes it undoes after 4 days but since surgery is not an option on my back says the neurosurgeon anď adhesions from my various previous abdominal surgeries are compounding the issues I have to be content with any relief. Writing it here really gets it out of my system and leaves space for positive thoughts. Assuming no one but Angela and Karen actually read it, and we love each other uncònditionally. It is lovely and cool tonight ànd it doesn’t hurt to lie down. Progress! 1.02am