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Hello on a very hot and humid late afternoon. Looks like being a hot Christmas once again. I have been to the doctors for results of my blood test which are all good including my sugar which is a surprise. The cholesterol is still high but not as high as it was on the cholesterol tablets . Work that one out. What is holding me back and making me so tired are the bulging discs in my twisted spine which of course is putting pressure on places it shouldn’t be doing. I see the neurologist tomorrow so maybe he can come up with something that isn’t drug-related or surgery related. I am booked in for another cortisone  injection maybe nearer my ribs this time. The last one did work partially and took the edge of things and I just want to have a bit of life about me for Christmas Day. I’m due to start my new exercise classes too. I did once have a Scottish doctor who told me “Stop trying to get fit Eunice it’s going to kill you”! Now after meeting Janet for lunch I am home and had an afternoon nap while listening to my audiobook and must go back to catch up on the couple of chapters I dozed through. Cathleen McCarron is t the narrator. Any relative? She is doing a good job and her story is placed around Edinburgh and outwards so I am enjoying myself tripping about solving crime horizontally. Val Mc Dermid is the author. The This follows on from the  recent Rebus novel where he is retired and on the cold crimes squad. I enjoyed that very much. I am now waiting for the latest Lee Child murder mystery crime to come into the library. I used to get my eBooks on Amazon before the audiobooks but I find there’s enough to keep me going free to download from my library. So back to episode 56. These modern books are so much longer and convoluted than the original Agatha Christie’s etc they get a bit tiring when you don’t want to put them down and get back to reality.  Love Eunice 

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