Bad night again and can hardly 3wwalk today or type. I’m dictating this. My helper has been and the place is clean. I did get my bed stripped and the washing on before she came then put on a DVD which I don’t often do and just sat there unable to move. Not thhe most cheerful of movies about old age but the only one I have got at the moment since I sent my others to my friend to watch. Hopefully Santa will bring some new. My legs feel funny a bit tricly and weak. The pain in my muscles around the hip area is excruciating if I lean forward so I have come back to bed should catch up on some sleep and let the paracetamol do something. There seems to be no pain relief available that doesn’t interfere with everything else and I don’t want to resort to the brandy because I’m sure that messes my tablets up. Sorry to be moaning but have to put on the record. I I hope I get enough energy to bring in the washing in a couple of hours. My is cough is getting annoying. I change to gasp inwards words and inhale food so it may be causing a nuisance. That can be a problem with Parkinson’s