Weather Radar

5.15am awaken by ‘multiple cringe’ needing lots of tendon stretching. Uncomfortable but not painful really. At least all the twisting, stretching and turning is good exercise. Given in to the compulsion to defrost a chunk of baguette and have it with butter and honey plus decaf coffee.

I know I am eating myself to death if I dont get a grip. It is showing on my abdomen. That is dangerous but I think I am on the cusp of this comfort eating. Im trying to alternate with nuts, olives, sundried tomatoes and cheese since my impromptu trip to Coles yesterday. All have fats but better fats and more importantly no added sugar. Some added salt in them is ok. I dont eat a lot of salt. It is this need to go to the fridge every time I heave myself out of the armchair instead of a walk round the block that is my undoing.

Having said that, I have woken feeling ok overall. Not ill, not in pain. Sore goes with old age but this is not inhibiting. I will add frozen banana chunks to my rehydrated mango smoothie around 10am. Those are high natural sugar but all these foods I have mentioned, including chocolate (mini Turkish delights that I had omitted to mention) have nutrition that is recognised as good for Parkinson’s. No really. And although overall arthritis is the overriding inhibiting lifestyle factor, the Parkinsons frozen face, tremors, loss of voice (as happened after exhausting impromptu outing yesterday when it became slower and harder to talk so that my carer recognised we needed to cut our time short for me to go back to bed.) and such symptoms are much less obvious at the moment.

Jumping off all that – nuff said, I wasnt supposed to go out with my helper yesterday as agreed with my coordinator because of my big expedition to Kotara on tues, the pain of which had me awake all night. But once again head office had overlooked that and I was just towelling off in the shower at 11am yesterday when I heard ” hello?” at the screen door. Oh no! Fortunately it was my regular helper, Kylie, who had a sit-down on the cane chair outside while I struggled to get clean clothes over damp skin. Dressing is always a slow and painfull process. I didn’t feel at all like going anywhere but I had promised my Friday housework helper a new Vileda mop head ( you have to get what they say in regulations these days, dont get me started on that), and I needed lemon juice. So sixty dollars later I had acquired items I had forgotten on my online shopping and Kylie and I had a milkshake at the pleasant little cafe inside the shopping centre, frequented almost entirely by pensioners. They do real, old-fashioned milkshakes. That was breakfast.

Which brings us back to my bad eating habits. Speaking of which. The earlier chunk of baguette is deciding whether or not to digest quietly, it is now 6.52am and I have been able to type this easily with my stylus (which has been a bit of a problem lately),but now my left hand is going numb from holding up the tablet. I think I can go back to sleep. The morning birds are unusually quiet. No gang of kookaburras or calling of galahs or magpies. The live radar says we have missed the news_hyped cyclonic weather with hail but there may be rain in the offing. Radar during the night said they were copping it inland. Hope it helped ease the drought conditions.

I will check my Google news, then look up a YouTube meditation tape for healthy eating. But first I will finish my audio book now the battery has been recharged. It may send me back to sleep but it cuts out the bumps from upstairs as the neighbours begin their day. I use audio books as white noise. Some authors would not be chuffed to know that.

My goal for today should by to take another look at my own novel, A Door Slams. Ive left Emma in her new job in the Yorkshire Daĺes, enjoying the wide open space that prison life had denied. It is time she and Ian got to grips. He has been very understanding, and busy with his own new career, up to now. I really should get back in there and give them a hand while I still can remember. Oops, I mean imagine. Ah yes!….But in the meantime my goal for today will be to assemble my previous paperwork for my ongoing interminable taxi voucher claim for next week’s doctor and neurologist’s visits. I will also phone Jeremy from Uniting Support to come and help me collate the paperwork properly (I can barely see it) and perhaps we might see our local member to add some weight behind it.

Jeremy likes me to have goals. He tells me I am a high achiever (for the state Im in, he probably adds). Jeremy and Suetti in turn have had a huge input in getting me adjusted, settled and independent into my new village life in a new area. This in its turn has greatly helped my family cope with looking after a fomerly very independent mother who, on returning from eight years of caring for her elderly parents in England until their demise a year apart, came back an elderly, ailing person herself only three years ago.

Its a far cry from Emma and Ian in Yorkshire. Another story. Now 7.40am.