Midnight and too sore to sleep. Can’t get comfortable with my aching ribs all down my left side as if I’ve been kicked again. That is the problem with pounding along the hard floors of the shopping centre for more than two hours. The bulging discs in mytwisted spine and the deteriorating bones with trapped nerve is getting revenge. BUT the good News is that the the muscle pain is minimal and no spams or neck pain so tthat is progress and I have to log these things.

It was a frustrating day really but not too bad. My itinerary was to pick up my improved hearing aids with the ear insert specially made to fit, then go to the post office to claim my pensioner stamps send post two items. Next was to call in where my son works for a royal visit, my first since they have opened the new store. Must say it is very nice in a dark modern way with plenty of room in the aisles and everything easy to see even for me. The staff are always nice and call me HobbosMum. Funny that because their soccer team always called me Hobbosmum (its an Aussie thing) and I hadn’t been Mrs Hobson since 1984 but some things you have to live with!

I bought another holder this time for my iPad which means I can grip this

adjustable litttle holder and not have to spread my hand round the tablet which gives me cramps.

I had a different helper today but we had a few things in common and she drove me to Kotara very easily and comfortably. I took my rollater with me to carry the shopping and keep me up right so I was glad I hadn’t got an old lady one. Apparently I could hire a mobility scooter which would be fun if I could see clearly where I was going but since there will be people oh my Blind Side we will stick to walking.

So the hearing aid turned out to be faulty after all adjustments and has gone off to be fixed. The other one is ok so I can hear the TV with one good ear. Then I found the post office has moved out of the centre across the road into the other shopping area where parking is not as easy so moved on to plan c only to find son had gone off for lunch as I had forgotten to text him a mother alert that I was in the building, like Elvis.

So we went into Kmart but I just couldn’t be bothered going around all the shelves which seem to be still being stocked. I bought some acrylic glasses in what must be a trendy smokey pink for Christmas Day although the wine glasses would hold half a bottle in each which might not be a good thing but they seem to have a good grip which is important for both my neighbour and I.

Then we had a pit stop once I found where they had moved the toilets to and we headed for Gloria Jeans where I am still a loyal customer. I treated my helper and I to caramel real cheesecake and we had a lovely coffee each.

Went back to see my son and bought a couple of things for the grandchildren’s Christmas stockings and a little holder for my tablet as previously mentioned and luckily got discount. Didn’t stay long in the shop but it’s always nice to see him in situ. I had planned to get a couple of DVDs one being Christopher Robin and the other being The Book Club but Richard says to wait because ‘Santa may be ringing those’ so that’s something to look forward to.

By then it was beginning to get a bit busier as school was coming out and being among people was beginning to get to me full but I had bought a pair of leather sandals which was not in the budget but I’d thenbeen walking around with them on very comfortably.

However it was time to head home. My helper said it would be as easy to pop over to Mount Hutton shopping centre post office as to try and park over the other side of Kotara and it was on the way home. When we did manage to park and got to the post office there was a huge queue so I was glad I was hanging on to a shopping trolley to lean on which had saved us getting the Walker out of the car and folding it etc. So I told him not to worry about typing all the details onto the computer for my postage stamp concession and posted the items leaving him to complete the other at his leisure which doesn’t look like it will happen in the near future.

It didn’t take us long to get home from there but I was too sore to sit since but I’ve been up and down since with a few chapters of the audiobook in between.

I have run out of Celebrex and the doctor is booked out till Monday so they have faxed a script to the chemist and the anti-inflammatory tablets should arrive with my Webster pack in tomorrow’s delivery. I had cancelled tomorrow’s shopping expedition which is quite a relief as I can have a lie-in.

so nothing very exciting but I none the less our day out was break from routine plus a bit of exercise along and up and down. I bought a pack of Gloria Jean’s Irish coffee flavoured freshly ground coffee to make at home so that is a treat for tomorrow.

now 12:25 a.m and by the time I correct all the incorrect text it will be about 1 am and hopefully I’ll get to sleep. Sore or not I felt ten years younger today.