Im Having a Tomato!

And some parsley I dont remember planting but I’ll take it anyway. I had to take the photo so I can actually see my baby tomato and it looks like there will be a few more. I think I have to pinch out some of the blossoms to get a bigger tomato on the other. But I have just had to move it out of full sun against the brick wall as it was badly wilting. It revived instantly after a big drink. It was like magic. Also my strawberry pots are producing one or two strawberries per day so for a reluctant fruit and veg gardener in Australia s that counts as success. I am getting them used to warering every other day because holding the heavy hose pulls my insides and is really painful.

I am looking at whether putting a drip system along the wall would be helpful. Plus it would save water. I have containers to collect rainwater when it rains which is not often enough.

Yesterday was a pleasant day and I was feeling better again though I caused sciatica trying to fix a stuck drawer which my helper Hannah helped me fix this morning.

Yesterday I had a visit from my long-term friend, Janet, and it was nice to have a conversation about all the things we look up on YouTube such as landslides climate change weather happenings and whether these are caused by those planes that are spreading chemicals which I could often see when I lived in the Midlands of England. I forget what it’s called (chemtrails) but they have been messing with the weather and now it’s all going wrong. This sounds crazy but when you look at the earthquakes volcanoes tornadoes sandstorms bushfires wildfires hurricanes and changes in temperature not just in this area but everywhere something is causing it and you rarely see it on the news. Good old YouTube! Of course there is a lot of rubbish on there as well but at least it keeps the mind active.

I still follow Harry and his metal detecting on YouTube as Idetect. He finds ancient Roman coins and takes us into some lovely peaceful countryside. We learn as he learns and lets us stand with him in our wellies, peering into newly-dug holes to see what treasure lies therein. Harry has great potential as a presenter on children’s television as he is quite a special character and although he looks like a little tough guy with all his bodybuilding he is a bit of a softy in the nicest way. He is pretty cool and looks like a tattooed Viking they left behind while burying their treasure!click here to meet Harry. Ive been following for at least 2 years.

Still waiting for a visit from my technician to fix my rollator as promised for today. Very sad that the folding mechanism has failed when it cost such a lot. So that’s me up to date and done quite a lot this morning so nana nap time to recharge the batteries. In good spirits.