Been naughty

John next door aged 91 takes life a little seriously so while he was out the fairies came and decorated is fir tree in a pot that he bought last year just as a tree. Not sure he will see it as funny and he didn’t notice on his way home. If I can find some tinsel and the wind dies down I will sneak along and add that later.

Spare balls decorate John’s tree

There was no time to do a neat job as he was due home any minute but Sarah was my accomplice and she has gone home so I will blame her. Tee hee

Update: Yup, two hours later and as predicted the tree was back to it’s pristine beauty (actually preferable) and we had had abit of fun. John would have got a smile from it. I saw him shuffle past later on his evening toddle and if he had not been happy about it he would have been sure to let me know but just in case I kept my head down! One day I suppose I will have to grow up.