Further to my epistle at around 2 am this morning I finally got back to sleep woke up in time to do my legs have a shower and be ready to go to the skin clinic at 11 a.m. with my fav helper Kylie.

We made it to Charlestown in good time and she dropped me of then parked inside the shopping centre while I had my thorough skin check and had several suspected areas burnt off even though they never see the sun. That hurt (for a few secs). He was very nice although it is always embarrassing to have to reveal all so I wore my best undies lol. No skintone lol ( is it really annoying to keep putting lol? I suppose it is but I do over-use exclamation marks. Lol.)

I was on a bit of an adrenaline rush because having had a malignant melanoma wayback it is always I a bit nerve wracking until I get clearance.

Neither of us could face the crowds of Charlestown Square which is always claustrophobic so we drove to Mount Hutton which is the oldies shopping centre, and on the way home.

Surprisingly the new extensions are not yet open but it was not too busy.

A sweet little choir from the local school was singing beautifully and I was quite overwhelmed thinking of my grandchildren. Nearly burst into tears just with emotion but their singing was lovely and we could hear it while we printed off the photo I did of Ros to put in a lovely frame for her mum for Christmas. I must say it looks really good in the gold frame.

Got my bottle of cheap fizzy wine for my next bottle of brandied apricot wine. Since it’s only for fun I have not spent too much on it. Total price without apricots $20. cheap drunks haha. May try making it tonight when my back recovers.

Even got the washing done and out and back in again. Storm rumbling in distance. Amazing what I get done when I don’t feel so ill. I think my day of flushing out the kidneys and liver with my teaspoon of bicarb and lemon juice in warm water mix has done the trick. Saw it once on a health site. That and my prayer for healing. I don’t feel toxic now Im flushed out.

By the time we sat down at Nicci’s doughnut coffee bar at Mount Hutton and I had my latte coffee with two free doughnuts and got Kylie an iced chocolate plus Nutella doughnut I was starting to flag but we also got my Lions’ Christmas cake from the Newcastle Permanent Building Society so that is everything ready for Christmas.

I am paying the price in backache but what the heck. Since I stopped the statins the muscle pain has been so reduced I haven’t needed much paracetamol and I suspect that is no longer working anyway.

PIt is no fun looking around supermarkets and stores because I have little focus and it is really frustrating but I got some walking done which is important. I had to go without my Walker which is being collected tomorrow for replacement since there is a problem with the folding mechanism. That is pretty tragic as I am really attached to my Walker with a shopping bag that is detachable. It helps my confidence when I am out and about (the rollator not the shopping bag).Today I took my walking stick just for balance then got a shopping trolley so all went really well.

Now is my afternoon rest time and another burst of the TENS machine on the left area of my back etc etc boring boring but hey I feel great after over a week of wondering whether I would make it till Christmas,

Artistically fuzzy pic of friend Ros