Blood Pressure

Well Diary, I have been to my lovely Doctor Who looks like a hot Bollywood actor and my blood pressure is very low so no wonder I was so tired and not just being lazy as I suspected. I met up with my friend Janet at McDonald’s next door to the surgery but there was no healthy option so I just had to have chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, fries and the obligatory caramel sundae. That would be about 3000 calories which would be nice if it would burn into energy but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Macca’s chicken nuggets have always been my go-to stress food but they are the only ones I like. I believe they even have real chicken in them these days! Of course blocking my arteries up after I have gone off the statins could be another reason for low blood pressure or wouldn’t that cause high blood pressure? I went to pathology for the required blood test but have to be fasting overnight which means putting a big note on the fridge to remind myself at 2 a.m. when I have the wanders.

Luckily they offered to send a nurse to my home instead of me paying $28 in taxis going to the pathology lab. So I have to remember to be up and showered early on Tuesday and not just stooge around coming around lgently in my usual fashion.

I think it is time for a lie down with a new audio book. The last one was not very gripping and I seem to have slept through most of it last night in fits and starts but could not be bothered going back to fill in the gaps.

What I need is another bit of excitement with Lee Child and Jack Reacher but I think I have exhausted all the supply in the library of those. Don’t want to go to sleep or I will be awake in the night. I was going to make one of my famous you beaut pizzas for Ros and her Mumbut haven’t got the energy to work the dough today. Maybe by the time the fries and caramel sundae hit my system I will be energized to get on with the dough,adding minced garlic and dried Italian herbs to the dough mix before it is cooked and using my new pizza pan full of holes which does the crispy crust.

The wind has got up again and rain is imminent but hopefully it will not be like yesterday.

If only the heavy rain would move to Queensland and put out all those terrible bushfires. My friend’s brother was trapped between bushfires not far from here the other day. There is always someone you know or a relative of someone you know involved whenever a large area is on fire so we can never be complacent even if the fires are far away.