Herbs and Statins Can be bad for Parkinsons

Been feeling worse daily since temporary doc put me back on statins I had stopped taking in UK. Insisted ..suvastatin would be bettter than ppreviiius Lipotor. Heard that lemon thyme thyme tea was good for fibro. Oops made mine with lemon sage from garden not thhyme plant. Drank pot full. Ill all yesterday but lemoon thyme Doesn’t go with mmeds when I looked it up so just as well I used sage. Also found statins meds interfere with and cause Parkinson’s and mess with good stuff that was working such as magnesium and niiacin. Also turmeric and Paracetamol. No wonder I have been feeling worse and sorer every day since doc reinstated statins against my wishes. Heart attack or poiisoning risk! About to email findings to surgery.

Now I read that the statins combined with my bĺood pressupressure tablets could be to bĺame for the noticeable increase in my aches andpains at the same time as I started the regular dose of statins. Iñ the two days since I have stopped Iam feeling much less toxic.