Bureaucracy Honestly!

Now you couldnt rant llike this in China, (hooray for free speech) and I wont go into details, but here is the text to family:

Aaargh! Got a call from Clink Dept of Human Services) today saying they got my proof of postage I uploaded from last wed plus a rent letter but not whatever was related to the receipt. A week tomorrow. Things get quicker to England from here than they do to Canberra. I pointed out that the rent letter would have come direct from (my landlord). “Oh yes it has” she said. BUT she hasn’t got anything of all that paperwork I spent hours printing, copying, collating, gettting checked by my helper and posting with my helper. All very friendly. She said not to worry my payments would continue (as so they should). Later I rang my Neurologist about forms faxed to DMR for taxi vouchers application (another long story ending with cancellation of claim since they lost faxes)and she confirmed they faxed them in September and originals are still file with them. Honestly they make me doubt I did these things but I could be running this country compared to them! No wonder it makes me ill when I put in all the running around and they all lose everything. (Not to mention $140 cost to see doc. That is a lot of taxi fares).

Now calm down dear!