Danger of Meds Meds interaction


I have notified my doctor and chemist today that I no longer intend to take Crestor or whatever its generic name is since I have become really iIl and notice I started feeling unwell about an hour after taking my morning medications including the cholesterol statins. During a very sore I’m sleepless night I z’did a Google’ as we say and found that apparently Crestor not only interferes with my Parkinson’s meds but is suspected of actually causing Parkinson’s and going back to when I started having the shakes about 4 years ago that coincides with the problems I was having with Lipitor, another statins mad medication. There is so much available out there now no wonder the doctors have to take the words of the pharmaceutical companies that their new product is today’s wonder drug.

Being one of those people from another planet who reacted to so much I always have to check up on side effects but not until I have taken the tablets so that I am not influenced by negative feedback.

So on the upside I have rung the people I needed to ring, had my porridge and my mobile podiatrist has been and gone so my feet are ready to run if only the rest of me would get up and go with them. I am starting to feel a bit stronger, and less crawly. Yesterday was a bit scary with nearly passing out and losing my balance a couple of times which is not usual but the day before I was too weak to even do the dishes so onward and upward.

I thought I went to the skin clinic this week for a follow up but I have another week and hopefully the mole will have gone away and not need incising.

The Christmas tree is up and I love the colours and shape of it. Ideal for a small space and found by my dear daughter-in-law for me last year. She knew that I wanted something resembling a tree branch so I couldn’t wait to try it out and brighten up the living room.

I am trying to stay awake after only a couple of hours sleep last night but at least I got research done online and emails away to the doctors before I went to sleep.

I was hoping my hairdresser was going to come thìs afternoon but no word from her. However my Coles online grocery delivery man is due with my overspent order that should inc

ude frozen turkey breast 1kg size and trifle stuff ready for the big day.