Hard to Move

Oh dear here I am. dictating.very.slowly. from bed. I was ok till I took my tablets at breakfast then everything started to slow down really hard to get moving. Not weak just no power. I can’t even get the energy to do the dishes but later I got the washing out on the line and that took me ages then I had to lie down. I went a bit tight in the chest and my pulse was racing.

Soon after I got a phone call from lovely gentle Jeremy at Uniting support which was a a nice surprise but I had to tell Jeremy to come another day because when I get like this it is hard to think and I start to talk really slowly. I have been told I sound slurred when I am like this when my throat wont work. My tablets stuck in my throat yesterday evening which was pretty scary but should have been a warning that my muscles wer not working properly.

Yesterday afternoon after lunch while my friend was still visiting I sat in the recliner and could hardly move but was comfy no pain then fell sleep but got woken up then when I was trying to speak to her I could not get the volume up in my voice. Speaking of throat muscles etc I can I can only eat a little bit at a time before I feel like my stomach has closed and I am going to throw up or choke. I have been doing so well but maybe I have had too much protein yesterday which does interfere with the levodopa absorption.

I have just taken a Celebrex because it hurts just lying here but I have to be careful to limit them because my dentist says my gum would not stop leading last 2 times he tried to inject local anaesthetic and the doctor thought it could be from the Celebrex thinning my blood since I don’t take anything else that does this.

Perhaps the rise in temperature outside is something to do with it although I feel cold lying here.

I have just forced myself to get up and go out and up the steps next to my place to the mailbox and I thought I wasn’t going to make it halfway up. It was a real effort then I had to come down again, like the Grand Old Duke of York ha ha.

STOP PRESS! The good news is that I have just had a call from Bernadette at Uniting to say my care plan has been upgraded to a level 3 by Aged Care at last and she is coming tomorrow to discuss what extra services I can get since I only have a cleaner for one hour per week and 2 hours shopping helper. I still do my cleaning washing etc but my helper ddoes what I cant and also makes my bed with the fitted sheets which I find very hard to do these days. I am still very independent but one has to give in when one thinks something is looking pristine and your helper says it needs doing which is a bit embarrassing but then I am blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other.

I am wondering if I have not taken some of my medication because I am having difficulty with the new blister pack and getting the tablets out and also being able to see them if they are left in the packet.

Anyway I have to record the bad days as well as the good days so we can see how I am doing.

Ros just came to the door with an apple slice but I have had to come back and lay down. She has her own problems that way so she understands but at least I have an apple slice for dinner. We share things such as the pizza I made the other night and different meals when I make them.

Well this is hard work and now I have to go back and correct all the parts where the voice recognition thinks I am saying something completely different!

Maybe I can get to sleep for a while because it is hurting just to lie down. You, my Parkinson’s friend’s know what I am talking Iabout. I am not moaning just putting it on on the record and all in all I am much better than I was 2 years ago. I will give it another half hour then get up and try some gentle stretching.

There is always the Brandy apricot Liqueur steeping in the pantry. It has another two days before bottling but I sent half a small bottle of the mix home with Ang yesterday and, apart from trying a few of the apricots I haven’t touched it. Maybe I will resort to that later.

Anyway back to my detective novel – older style,about forensics.

Must remember to bring in the washing. Think I have mentioned before I find it really hard to fold anything properly these days

Rosella outside Sun 6am taken by Angela

because of my left arm and don’t ask me to wrap Christmas presents nicely that has not happened for years now.