FeelingNo Pain. Hic!

Oh my! Today my former flatmate and I for a bit of fun decided to make the apricot liqueur recipe shown in the current village newsletter.

Oh my god this is great! It’s got cinnamon, bottle of white wine, a touch o honey, cup of dried apricots and a cup of sugar. I added about couple of tablespoons of honey because I liked Mead wine in England.

I have just added the small bottle of brandy to the cooled mix and it says to be covered for 4 days before bottling. I have given Angela quite a large glass of the mix to test drive and she is washing up very, very happily.

I could already feel it going down my arms so have taken to my bed for safekeeping.

I wonder if this will ferment over the four days steeping as Wendy’s supposedly non-alcoholic ginger beer did. Now that was a fun day.

This could be quite dangerous especially as I am not a drinker. It is intended to offer visitors on Christmas Day but unless I have a bad reaction do it it will never last that long.

I did use a sweet wine rather than a dry wine but that’s great. l Happy Noo Year One and all.

Now to try Ang’s freshly made coconut balls. We are in party mode. Just practicing for Xmas. A quiet one was planned but now I have a secret weapon.

Tee hee!

Reminds me of the time over 20 years ago when Angela decided we should have another house-warming party because the house was getting cold. Worked very well.

Before steeping and filtering