“Manic Mobility Scooter Terrorises Village” on YouTube

NOTE: The subtitles are nothing to do with me, and often incorrect, as someone pointed out. Don’t know how to delete them.

Norman, our new neighbour aged 92, against the wishes of his daughter has 2Day purchased a mobility scooter. Since he always does everything at top speed it was no surprise to find him speeding around he pathways of the village in a dangerous manner. When I catch up with him here on the video he has just crashed very loudly into his outdoor furniture while trying to reverse into his place for the first time!I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. If you watch carefully you’llsee him keep popping up in different areas in the video. He’s going ing to be quite dangerous unless they manage to slow him down and I could quite easily get run over stepping out of my face? please it’s take has taken me uages to get this to upload to YouTube so you could see it. the other thing that happens is that Ros has come to me for help because she can’t get the garage to unlock with the remote control hardly surprising since she’s not using the remote control but trying to do it with her car keys!