Well Ihave had the audiobook running all night with A Surrey Tale and it was delightful. I slept through quite a bit of it, must go back and catch up,woke up to find Connie has been to Paraguay etc, nearly divorced Geoffrey the husband Rupert the son is gay (which you and I had already surmised). It was such a nice insightful book; said such a lot without saying it in the way of my previousĺy mentioned Jane Austen.

I burst into tears when it finished just now and I’ve no idea why. Perhaps it felt like visiting my sister iñ Wilmslow, Cheshire, except she shops at Sainsburys not Waitrose.

I had a rare email from her only yesterday which seems to have flicked a switch in me back into my lively old self with a mention of them all crumbling and their friends around them too. Her way of saying “Deal with it Eunice”! She’s never been one for sympathy.

She said they have just been for a ‘Fawlty Towers’ weekend in a hotel in Lincolnshire (which of course made me think of you Karen, and dear Paul). Apparently all the action went on around them as if they were really in the TV series but in an actual Hotel.

That is the kind of thing Constance and Geoffrey fery may have been doing by now in the next episode of the book.

I have to get up and get ready for my cleaner. I’ll find something for her to do since I’ve been able to do it all for myself this weeķ. It’s been a good week so far and tomorrow I go out with my son for coffee and hear about his meeting with Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden who was in Newcastle last week promoting his book. Both Bruce and Richard were born in Worksop Nottinghamshire although Richard was two and a half when we emigrated to Australia.

Ķeeping this blog is good for me as it is freeing me up to say what I really feel assuming nobody really is listening but I have just reached 100 likes in a short time (thank you) which came as a pleasant surprise, and bit of a shock. It prompts me to do something to write about.

Just laughing at the predictive text that came up with ‘some exercise’ after ‘prompts me to do’! I should take that as a hint.