Minor Repairs

Just come back from the skin clinic at Charlestown Square. Had a mole burnt off with dry ice or whatever it is + red mark above my lip treated with laser. Apparently it is a vein growth. Have to go back in four weeks. Getting busy in the shopping centre so bought a new Christmas decoration plus some solar lights like stars, had a coffee and a doughnut with my helper and was happy to come home. Hate shopping at the best of times but Xmas . Shopping at Charlestown Square is my idea of Hell and it is only just starting to build up now. Won’t go shopping there again before January.


From Google
medsafe.govt.nz › Madoparcapdisptab

Because levodopa may activate a malignant melanoma, MADOPAR should not be used in patients with suspicious, undiagnosed lesions or a history of melanoma. MADOPAR is contraindicated in the management of intention tremor and Huntington’s chorea.


My malignant melanoma in 1983 was a Hutchinson’s Freckle but my Neurologist thought the benefits outweigh the risks. Would hate to go back to life without Sifrol at least. Three weeks later after the dry ice treatment the mole is deciding to do something. I see the skin specialist ion wednesday.