Working Out Solutions

I have long been one to look at a bad situation and try to work my way out of, or around it. That makes me a survivor.

Perhaps it comes from a post-war childhood when goods were still scarce and we had to use our imaginationss and improvise.

Or perhaps it was from being ill a lot as a child and spending many solitary hours both in bed and then in school classrooms during lunchtimes when freezing Scottish conditions and recuperation made running around outside playing in the bleak school yard forbidden. (These days a dose of antibiotics, a warm parka and a good run round in the fresh air is the better solution.)

In those days I would tune out, either by reading books or drawing, later by writing.

Oh I do have bad days. If I have too many bad days I tell somebody, but sometimes I allow myself a day to wallow, on the understanding that by tomorrow I must do something productive. Sometimes just working out what exactly to do tomorrow is therapy in itself. You know what they say: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today for if you like it today you can do it again tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I must get showered and dressed. Today…

But I wanted to tell you, dear diary and caring Friends, that one difficult situation has sorted itself, thanks to my free book service from Lake Mac City Library and its digital download service.

Since my vision has deteriorated Due to Macular Degeneration, scarring due to haemmorage and now ctaracts, my vision is now down to half a face, the outsuide of a plant and the last few digits of a large price tag or line of numbers (that one can prove very disconcerting; a bargain is not a bargain when you add another 1 at the front- (100 is really $1000!)

So, over the last few years I have had to give up my beloved and addictive home design magazines. First the print was too small, then the pictures were too small, now my half an eye sees half a room or garden.

BUT, joy of joys, in addition to my escape world of audio books, my latest library app has a section for magazines and guess what! I can bring it up close on my A5 size tablet to see the pictures and it seems I can bring up the text separately. Will check that out once the tablet has recharged.

There is a problem though. The mags used to inspire me to move my furniture around. Now that explains all the spinal damage, so look, dont touch.

Another problem solved, and Looking at country style mags gives me great pleasure.

Now for that shower. With my new expensive soap to make me feel and smell good.

PS hopefully a mag will come up with a solution to the new drier that the handymen decreed they can in no way fit into the tiny laundry. My minimal look is definitely slipping. Maybe I can make it a set of country curtains!