The Parkinson’s Disease Clinic

I haven’t talked about my weekly visits to Rankin Park Hospital for assessment and mentoring but I am still feeling the benefit of the course, which was the precursor to the excercise classes I am booked to begin in January. The clinic seems to focus on living with PD, as opposed to dying fròm..and living well.

It is all very positive. Self help with support instead of just drugs and sedation that only benefit the chemical companies. I was amazed what I learned to help offset the vaŕious symptoms, from voice excercises to dance/stretch moves. Actually thè dance moves were from Youtube videos but I learned that the more movement I do, the more my brain works to keep my co-ordination and the better I feel.That is the plan.

At the clinic I was weighed, my prone and upright blood pressure taken each week over

I was passed on from one expert to another. Each made me feel they really cared. My voice and breathing were in need of exercise to keep the strength up. I have to do ‘whoo’ voice sounds, and a rough-sounding’eeeèh’. Loss of voice is a big Parkinsons problem. My neighbour has it and because of my poor hearing we have difficulty having a conversation, so keeping my voice strong is important.

So is balance. Loss of muscle tone and co-ordinatìon can easily lead to falls, which is why the Clinic is focussed on prevention. My chilhood years of skating, acrobatics and dancing have saved me from falls thus far but doing exercises to strengthen the brain/muscle/balance can only help prevent bad falls. My poor vision led to my two bad falls, both in the first place I stayed in after I returned tò Australia. Both resulted in me

I now have gadgets to put on my shoes, pick stuff up, open jars, get out of bed, etc. To be contd

The first thing was the warm receptiom. Really important. I was weighed and, good news, have los weight! Everybody made me feel speciaĺ, which was much needed when Im coping with loss of faculties tha

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