Stopping Right Now

well that is just what I needed, no seriously. In the pat few months I have been gnawing at my nails, especially in the evenings.My nails look disgusting and my doctor noticed and suggested I got false nails over to prevent the bad habit. My career and I were discussing options only last Thursday but it has taken this shocking story and pics to make me aware of what I have been doing. Compulsive behaviour is a side-effect of Madopar, one of my Parkinson’s meds but that is no excuse. So I will name and shame _Mee and put a photo here right now. Taken with my wobbly left hand

Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube

I am blown away by the sound these

two create together online even though it seems

they are not in the same place, or even the same town.


Check them out from the link (click on the pic) and tell me what you think on the comments below.

I will see pwhat I can learn about this talent phenomenon and Corey and Allison. Hope Cory’s lovely wife wont mind! Something to do on Australia Day when the heat and humidity are way above normal and the nearest bushfire threat is under control 9km away.

My part of NSW Australia

Missing Wartime Bomber Found

A authorities are trying to track down relatives belonging to the violets lost in this plane crash during the war. Its believed theremains may still be inside the bomber and a proper funeral will be respectfully provided which is why they want to find family members even after this time. It must be good 4 somebody in the family to be able to get closure.

Its Mee That is Warming!

100f in the shade on the patio thermometer meaning it is higher in the sun. Poor Posties and Tradies* are getting fried. No afternoon siesta here. The weather is a bit wild here today but it seems to be that way all over the world. I just wish we co

uld get through one day without hearing the words ‘global warming’. There is too much talk and not enough action. Even digging my kitchen peelings into the garden is supposed to help enrich the soil, and my coffee grounds not only keep snails at bay (they stick to snail slime), but they provide nitrogen. Every little helps, if everybody does it.

The grey water, as they call it here, is collected from my shower into a basin, and then I get my little watering can for the smaller plants outside. If everyone on the planet did just a couple of things as simple as these the compound effect should be very positive. Here at Lake Macquarie we are now on level 2 water restrictions which is really serious. We are allowed a 4 minute shower (I know -who is going to stand there with a stopwatch timing me for 4 of minutes in the shower lol.

We also have restrictions on hand-held hoses and other things. I always have containers out to collect any rain water for the garden and I am looking at getting a small plastic rainwater tank to collect water as it comes off the roof and down the drain pipe because when it does rain here it pours!

Clouds have been building up all afternoon over the ocean but on the BOM radar the cloud seems to be moving in a cyclonic movement, which could explain the gusts of wind we keep having.

Don’t know if you saw the huge hailstones that have been falling here but I have had experience of that in Singleton when a violent storm came carrying hailstones the size of golf balls and bigger.

The storm came literally screaming through the town and totally trashed my car that had just been got ready for sale. Silly me; because it was in a friend’s back yard supposedly safe, and the insurance has just run out, I did not bother to renew it until it got sold, which would have made the world of difference. In the end I came out $2,000 worse off on the sale of my car which was to be my holiday spending money when I got to the UK. It was really stressful to repair since the whole town needed their cars fixing too.

It is a long story, and that was my last car ( Holden Commodore automatic built like a tank!)

Click on photo for more info on the Aussie iconic car of the 1980’s. Now very collectable.

*Aussie slang for Postmen and Tradesmen. Of course Firies are firemen. Names and titles are always foreshortened here. eg I am always called Euni for Eunice

Bedroom update – When is a lamp NOT a lamp?

The NOT (yes it is) lamp on my design board

Well for those of you my friends who have been watching the progress of my bedroom refurb (hope you weren’t holding your breath) you would have seen from the original plan that my finishing touch was to be the lights to stand behind the bedside cabinets. I have found the perfect ones thanks to Google, that brought up lots of pictures from Bunnings to IKEA and places in between. The IKEA ones are perfect, or will be once I get them assembled .

Now IKEA assembly and Parkinson’s are not the best companions so I have put in a prequest for eldest son, who you have met previously while assembling other ideas, and I’m waiting to hear back from him . This usually consists of a text while I am still in bed saying “will be there in 15 minutes” which initiates a scramble for the shower to be fresh and dressed before he gets here.

The great thing about IKEA, The Swedish furniture company, is that because you are saving the cost of assembly you get some great pieces at very reasonable prices. These lamps cost only $17 each plus postage and we are well over $40 ready-made from other brands, so it is worth the effort.

Ordering was a bit odd as it is called the not lamp.NOT. Reading the blurb was a tad confusing; was it not available or was it, the NOT, not available?

Anyway two were available so I ordered online and they were due on 8 January. That was exciting until 8 January came and went then a few days more and when I went to the tracking online (which is a great idea incidentally) it seems that my packages were lost in the warehouse in Newcastle. This was confirmed by a very time consuming phone call to TOLL transport who told me eventually they had two consultants who would get back to me. Still waiting, so I went back to IKEA who are very nice (and sound Swedish). They sent me out another one so my package arrived by the same carrier but as stated at the right time.

Unfortunately I did not have the energy to even open the box for a few hours as I have been to the doctor just see about my swollen face. My the glands have apparently flared up. Booked for an ultrasound Wednesday (tomorrow). Already on antibiotics for diverticulitis.

Got up this morning feeling more adventurous and having opened the box yesterday evening after a few hours rest here are the assembled or disassembled parts ready to assemble.

STOP PRESS.. text just arrived:

I finish earlier today so I can pop over later to assemble them

Isn’t my son just wonderful? …to be continued