Synchronicity Yet Again

This page came to my notice about my fellow writer and friend Our meeting too was synchronimous. Im sure I have mentioned it before. Remember I told you she had acted with the lovely Donald Sutherland? I dont know the author of the story, but I am sure I would connect, and we are both with WordPress. Angelikahad missed my message saying I had returned to Australia, so we just missed catching up again recently while she was in the country. She is currently grounded in Sicily!

Feeling a Bit Weird

Bèps and flashes every four hours between 8am and 8pm. The 10pm is separate

My ‘flying saucer has just gone ballistic yet again, and wont stop till I tip it up to drop the tablets from the opened section into my hand. Four this time, one and a half at 4pm. Mess them up and I start to slow down like the Energiser bunny. Then the tremors come back. I cant bear when my muscles move on their own, especially when I,m sitting on them, like now.

I was awake for 5am, because my first online grocery delivery since the shopping panic and virus lockdown was due between a 5am-10am window and could no longer be carried into the kitchen (social distancing), and instead left by the front door. I’m very grateful for any service at this wierd and confusing time.

At 5.30 prompt I heard a rustling by the security door and a light tap. Nobody ther of course. I had to bring everything in before the frozen items began to thaw.

As advised I wore plastic gloves, wiped the bag handles and each item with medicated wipe (was wiping bananas going too far?), and put everything away. Apart from fresh veg. I guess my fresh basil, parsley and baby lettuce seedlings will have to do.

No toilet rolls, tissues or flour available, as expected, but there was my Gloria Jeans Caramel Indulgence roast coffee beans, coffee filter papers, and new ,’holey’ pizza tray to replace the one I had discarded.

I was so pleased with these items I put a post on my facebook page, then after a few likes started to feel a bit silly, and that I should take it down.

So I rationalised:… Perhaps that sounds a bit pathetic but as my doc and neurologist can confirm, my five medical conditions and overactive auto-immune system give me the symptoms desribed for Coronavirus in its initial stage most days of the week, and it is the little things that make life worth doing. Like nice coffee, chocolate, Ms Donalds caramel sundaes, water views, family and flowers. Fortunately I live where all in combination are possible, given a car and a driver, and at other times in the cupboard or just outside the door. I have just talked myself out of beating myself up for being trivial so I wont delete it right away and I know you under stand…

The thing is, yesterday I felt a bit ‘off’ but nothing new there, and my physio came on this saturday because her schedule was all out of whack with the regulations. Fortunately for us patients she is still allowed to practice. For now.

So she made me do some exercises, unknotted where I had pain and leg cramps before she came, and we left out the neck and shoulders. All that gave some relief.

By last night my nose was blocked, my chest wheezy due to mild congestion, and my face was flushed. Nothing new there.

Used my puffer to open breathing, took slippery elm and sarsparilla capsules to fight bacteria and soothe mucous membranes. Took temp. 36.6. Up .1! Unusual for me. Was 35C early in the day but quite normal.

I fell into a deep sleep in the armchair while watching tv, and woke up unable to get moving, everything totally relaxed. But my nose was blocked, and my chest felt congested enough to keep trying to clear my throat, and I was wheezing like an accordion.

But these are normal for me. I went to bed but it hurt too much to lie on either side. Checked my email then put the bed into zero gravity, finally got comfy and fell asleep.

That all normal, not virus. Woke up and no further congestion. Throat only sore where it usually is sore. But so relaxed! No spasms, tremors, fever or further coughing.

I got up to make breakfast. Took the percolating machine apart and cleaned it. Mixed my new flavoured ground coffee with my good beans and set it all in motion.

The only thing different is very weak legs, but no pain, so I came back to bed. Now 1.26pm and already its been a long day. I dont feel worse, just different, but is that because I havent watched the news with all that anxiety?

My sign of anything out of the ordinary is a headache. I get ‘toothache’ all over, but I dont usually get headaches, unless I go two days without caffeine. That is easily fixed.

This morning I wondered if I should get tested, but under the circumstances it is not necessary. As I say I often feel like I have mild flu.

So…this being my diary, I have documented the current situation. I am already in self-isolation except for passing home-made pizza, red-hot from my oven, in to my neighbour as usual. This time I left it out on her outdoor table and walked away.

How do we know? My usual Friday carer came, but instead of helping me clean went to the bank and my chemist, who was totally out of paracetamol that is the only pain killer, together with Celebrex anti-inflammatory that my system can tolerate.Everyone had been in to fill their prescriptions and stockpile their medicines. Cant blane them for that.

My scripts were all made up last week and the meds stay there to be sorted into a cartridge to be delivered to my ‘flying saucer’ every wednesday. The chemist assures me we wont run out for mine are already in my stock there.

So that is the current situation in Lake Maquarie, New South Wales. Several Covid-19 cases in the area. Each can contaminate two others, at least, and so it goes.

We sit home and wait.

Stay well,


Grey Nomads Sent Home in Disgrace

My neighbours, Frank and Jenny, are in their 80’s but very active, both having survived cancer. They have a campervan parked near their abode in our village, in which they depart at regular intervals to tootle about the countryside.

Once in a while they will venture further for longer, but they hardly count as the Grey Nomads who have retired, sold up their homes, and now wander Australia in mobile homes, motor homes, camper vans, Cobi Vans, and even the odd Winebago that belongs on US Route 66.

Frank and Jenny had only been gone a couple of days when it came on the news that Grey Nomads were to stop going out into the Outback, (if you know what I mean), in case they are taking the Covid-19 virus into remote communities where medical help is not available.

Poor Frank and Jenny hardly qualify, had only gone as far as Broke, roughly 85kms away, and parked on the campground as usual. They didnt know about the fuss on the the news, having gone away to ignore it for a few days.

First thing they knew the authorities arrived in the camp, treated them all like criminals, and told Frank and Jenny to get off home.

They had seemed very subdued as they trundled back and forth, unloading their their supplies.

“Have you been sent home in disgrace?” I quipped (from a social distance). They nodded glumly. They had been treated very rudely, as if they were itinerants, and told to go home, while the genuine travellers with no fixed abode were allowed to on their path of destruçtion.

Friday Night is Still Home-Made Pizza Night

With apologies to any Italian readers. This is a Scottish-Aussie pizza made by a nearly-blind person! (macular degeneration):

Friday night is still home-made pizza Night, double garlic to kill germs and a
n interesting hint of disinfectant. First time I have baked in plastic gloves. Hmmm quite like it!

Didnt roll it out on any surface. Fresh basil tomato sauce, honey soy chicken, pineapple, microwave cooked sliced weet potato, not too much cheese. Chinese pizza. Lots of light separate flavours that blend in the mouth. My base is crispy on the outside and bready on the inside. I add dried herbs and minced garlic to my flour, oil and water/yeast pizza dough and knead it in a wide steel bowl. Oops Im writing this with one eye on the SBS food channel. Got carried away. Karen Hutchinson- see, no anchovies! She says I cook like the lady on The Vicar of Dìbley. Cheek!

Tastes much better than it looks!

You have To Laugh

There is no escape from the Corona virus in the local paper today. Even the jokes are viral but then on viral jokes are even funnier WhatsApp I am sure they won’t mind me sharing them with you under the place at circumstances. The only thing I could send off to offer on the social distancing subject was “Why does everyone have that faraway look in their eyes?” No apology.

Now Our Phone System is Virus Compromised

Why my phone would not work yesterday, as mentioned in my previous post. All the anxiety, discomfort and total disruptions to our lives has little to do with the actual viral illness (as yet), but everything to do with the pandemonium surrounding the threat of it spreading.

I live a couple of hours from Sydney and the attached is exactly what I was experiencing while trying to make calls on my mobile yesterday. Since several were to my daughter-law up the valley to see how my two teenage grandchildren with cf (impaired lung capacity, immune system, etc) had fared after their very busy Saturday during which they dropped off and picked up Emily’s birthday present of new iphone (no hugs or kisses, all outside at a ‘social-distancing’ distance), I was freaking (still am) that even my voicemails were not returned. To be honest I need to know that all that disinfectant spray hasn’t made them ill, since I had sanitised absolutely everything. More about that later.

Oops we forgot for a moment.No group hugs for now, even between family members, even if they had all just travelled down in the same vehicle.

I had been trying to return call to chemist about my meds weekly delivery, but my phone cut off repeatedly as soon as it started to dial, and this was only a local call. Then I couldnt get through to the specialist who is booked to do my heart scan today, and they are only 20 mins away. Same when trying to check on transport. I thought my mobile phone was faulty.

Up till now I have rarely used my landline, because I couldnt see the numbers on the handset. That is all sorted since the new phone came esterday afternoon. The attached article also explains why my phone cut to voicemail very quickly, and why I missed an important call from Andrew at Telstra, whose subsequent voicemail was garbled.

None of this stress is directly attributable to CV19, but to all the hysteria around it. That is what is going to kill me.

Red Letter Day!

My sanitised safe delivery zone!
new phone on left with large buttons

It’s arrived! My long lost new landline phone replacement (thank you Telstra).

I am sitting here totally exhausted but happy, having finally assembled, connected and tested my new home phone .

Since all manufacturers these days want to be Ikea, even the handpiece came separately, which is not good when your left hand drops everything. It took time to piece the puzzle..

All you used to do was plug it into the wall and off it went. Unfortunately, these days it links to the landline, which links to the modem, which links to the wifi, which talks to the tablet which talks mobile, which lets me talk to the rest of the world – except today.(cue for a song?)

Even before the new phone arrived, something was amiss. I wont go into the flashing lights on the modem box, but my modem box was getting as hot and bothered as me. Then photos werent uploading here on my blog.

That has been a problem for days.

I have been blaming everyone using the internet for working from home.

Ive checked for outages and line problems, and even that app struggled. I am quite tech savvy for a 73-year old former blonde you know!.

To see what is going on, I have to take a photo then zoom to enlarge.A few switches round with plugs and cables, and voila AE8059 is back on wifi. High five chums! Oh, no touching, I forgot. Maybe you could hit like below in lieu of a pat on the back? Teehee.

Well I am off for a lie down. Ive made my test call (to my young man in Telstra Head Office, and thanked for his assistance.

I wonder what happened to the ‘real’phone’? I suspect we will never know.

Some of the saga thus far:


What’s the betting the first phone tuns up tomorrow?

I will do a review, for my Parkies* friends in particular, once I have given it a fair go.

*Parkies – Parkinson’s Disease

Poor Postie Panicked – Virus Life

“Stay back!”, he cried out, but I was only putting my head round the screen door to spray my delivery box with sanitiser for him (and take his photo). Spare a thought for our postal delivery people at this time- right in the front line of germ warfare, handing package after bacteria-covered package.

The motorcycle postpeople are my heroes though, because I have been there, done that, got the scars – and I was only working part-time. Heatstroke, dog bites, careless driver causing me injury (two torn wrists), hitting the road in the rain when the brakes had just been adjusted, etc. But its not about me. Those were the good old days.

The hottest summer on record has beaten down n our posties, who these days are required to wear nearly as much heavy armour as a Norman Knight. On-off, on-off, pulling the heavy machine on and off its stand. Inhaling noxious vehicle fumes in traffic, and dealing with an increasingly odious, ill-mannered an ungrateful public. And now the Coronavirus!

As Wells Fargo, the original US Wild West mail service, said in their motto, ‘The mail Must Go Through’, and so it is today.

Messengers have always played a pivotal part in history: running between tribes;armies; kings and kings; kings and queens; anywhere relying on communication.

In the past 20 years the role of messenger has evolved out of sight with each step in technology.

But until robots come clumping up to the door in the pouring rain bearing your package, or drones hover outside your window with a recorded delivery, give a round of applause for Australia Post motorcycle delivery personnel next time the bushfires are raging or the temperature hits 41C – again. The mail must go through.

(More) Good News From Telstra

Praise where due. Telstra is leading the way in bringing back some reality into this madness, while also responding to a groundswell of discontent regarding customer service. Hopefully this will halt the move away by customers, which may help ensure these jobs in six months time. Wheels within wheels.

Self-isolating is easy and peaceful here in Narla Village

Self-isolating is easy and peaceful here in my village

Telstra Saga Update – good news

I am promised, by someone in head office (very nice and working from home due to the Coronavirus isolation moves) that my replacement landline phone is on the way after 3 months. He is also going to follow the trail of how my consignment disappeared, to be linked to a previously completed (in January) consignment to Grafton. Interestingly, he was able to follow all recorded phone and chat conversations, and is required put in a full incident report. At least the poor man will be able to have a lie down when it all gets too much! Thanks for the support, everyone. x

Virus Shopping

Sorry dont know who to credit with this lovely estful photo

I hust heard today that my application for Worthworths Priority Online Shopping has been accepted, which is a huge relief. After listing half a page of why I am a miracle of modern science they understood why ordering online is such a life changer for me, especially as things deteriorate and I try to stay independent. Mine was the vsry last order delivered last Monday night and contained my meat, long-life milk, some cleaning products and the usual, dairy,flour and pantry top ups that cover a fortnights normal living in a small space. All the heavy stuff especially, right to the door. I would have been ok but having to stretch things out carefully, which I am doing anyway. but a couple of friends who were expecting an order on its way were suddenly told it was not happening. One has an 80-year old bed-bound husband. My neighbour set off for the supermarket at 6am this morning and said people were already there buying toilet rolls!

When a Hypochondriac Self Isolates

Apart from being at the dental clinic on Monday (necessary), doc’s yesterday (all clear so far, usual scripts but he insisted I come in), podiatrist and physio both home visits and necessary, all while trying to self isolate! 2 taxis to doc and back (sprayed his handles and seatbelt with disinfectant on the way in). Carer is picking me up this morning to take me to hip injection in a ksurgery (prime source of collected germs?) Then I will sit in the surgery waiting away from others. All due to allready to trying to stay well! My auto-immune system is usuaĺly too strong, hence a lot of my probĺems so we will see how it copes with that onslaught. Might as well go ahead with mý visit to the garden centre with carer on thurs. At least it is all out in the open amongst healthy plants, though the carer is a risķ. But I am staying away from family, friends and neighbours to avoid anything I may have collected on the way, and my place is covered with antiseptic..

Keep Calm! The mug says it all

Just got back from the garden centre with punnets of marigolds and pansies for autumn. Mind you, it is still 30C out there today, but I rarely feel up to gardening till the sun starts to move lower in the sky.

Now with water restrictions and extreme heat, we courtyard gardeners are turning to garden features instead of plants. Some great fun, like floating ceramic goldfish $12.95 each though!Gnomes look les ugly and more .benign.

And pigs fly!

Pots of all styles add pizzaz, colur, and even humour

Then there are always Buddhas, ‘wabbits’, and fairies.

Then I have my home-made stuff of course.

work in progress

Coronavirus Effects Impacting Already

In case you haven’t heard, here’a s story on supermarkets opening especially for older people from 7am to 8am etc.

7am? I can barely function by 9am, honestly. Plus I need to book a carer with trànsport to help me because of my limited vision, if one is available, because most do the early morning client washing and dressing routine etc. I can try to get a taxi, if one is available, then haul everything home from our parking area.

This is why I have been relying on online grocery shopping, where the delivery person unpacks my order right to my bench top. If that is stopping it is going to impact me in a big way. Although this past weekend I booked my order in on Saturday for Monday delivery, and it still arrived minus the one pack of toilet rolls I order regularly.

But its not just us Oldies who are being hit at the most basic level. Young Mums like my friend Naomi have been thrown out of their normal routines by the shopping crisis, and it seems to be the case for many parents with babies and toddlers. She posted on Facebook that:

Telstra Update – came so close

Good for my low vision

Hello again. Three months later I am resigned. Everything has gone full circle but I have proved the missing handset is a problem between Telstra and its carrier, not my fault. This seems to be a major breakthrough. Last I heard, about 8 days ago was that if not resolved in 5 days ny 15,000 Telstra points would be refunded. Course it didnt happen. So yesterday I officially requested the refund of my Telstra Plus points, and will start again. Sigh.

Wed 18th March. Still waiting

The Toilet Roll Crisis Hits Home

from today’s online shopping order

OK joke’s over. Despite putting in my online grocery order on Saturday, and the only delivery time being 8.30pm tonight Monday, they didnt manage to put aside these items. Boohoo! Now I am down to my last 8 toilet rolls. It’s enough to give you the s****, and yes this is real. Some bastard has my 20-pack stored away in his garage. Ì WANT IT BACK!!

This is how wars start. Must regroup…..ok if you need them that bad you are welcome. God be with you.

Its the News presentations that are Making us ill say patients

A group of patients who realised they were now doomed by inadvertantly being placed in close proximity to each other got talking today. The catalyst was one woman who had slathered herself in sanitiser gel, for the fourth time, saying something about shopping before everything was gone. As the door closed behind her one man spoke ” I bet she’s the one hoarding all the rice and toilet rolls”, and everybody laughed, which was a great relief. I mentioned at least 65,000 people globally at last count had recòvered, and would be going back to work. “There will always be somebody. “its gking difficult for a while but people will be coming back to work. If we are in a fit state of mind to carry on at all. We all agreed that the ghoulish way the presenters are putting over the news is creating division, tension and even suicidal thoughts by seeming to convince us we are all going to die. What about unity and all in this together, for the greater gòod? Where is “she’ll be rigght, if we do it right. So for the moment it is getting worse – but we can help to make it better. We need hope, not the news banging on about confusion in the leadership that makes us more anxious. What about how all the leaders are working together in what is a real wartime situation. People in Syria have been getting bombed for years. Babies in Africa are dying by the .minute. Up to now we have literally been the lucky country, are still the lucky country in this global epidemic. It is nature’s way. I am one of the high risk people. If I catch it I may not make it but we all have two chances. Personally I had chest pains this morning just from the stress created by the relentless pushing of the news channels that we are all going to die, starving and without toilet paper. Well yes some of us will. People are still dying from cancer, and that is an epidemic. But a lot of people will live. Even in self-isolation,,the more we help each other, the more we help ourselves and our country. Rant over.Eunice

Folding Phones are back! – HUAWEI Mate Xs | HUAWEI Australia

Coming to JB Hifi soon, according to my son who just returned from a conference in Melbourne.

I dont think it will help me since it opens like a book, not a flip phone. I really liked those. The attached video is impressive though, but after my experience with combining my new iphone 11 with the Samsung tablet (I do my blog working between the two), I have gone back to my Samsung A5 phone that lets me flip back and forth between apps easily and us set up for low vusion, as was the iphone, but it just made me very unhappy.

I am going to get my original choice of Huwei that has a better camera setup than the iPhone, despite the iphone 11 supposedly having a good camera. I wasnt impressed with my point and shoot photos at all, and I have 2,500 photos on my Google photos on my cloud, not to mention the thousands I have taken over the years. Other phones have allowed me to tweak photos much more easily, without resorting to expensive additional programmes. As for actually using them as a phone, the iphone worked best of them on speaker, meaning I didnt need to hold it up to my ear.

Pity we cant take a sample phone home to try before we buy, like test-driving a car.

But then there is always the alternative for oldies of the basic large numbee mobile phone I featured last year, which is simple and cheap. I am apparently quite tech savvy, but I dont want to work this hard to be happy with a handset. In the neantime my grandauggter has been desperate for the iphone 11 it happens, so it is now factory reset, in its box, and on its way.

Update: The other popular option is the Oppo. Apparently Huwei may be banned in Aus for security reasons.

Heroic sacrifice or tragic mistake? Revisiting the Eyam plague, 350 years on – Didelot – 2016 – Significance – Wiley Online Library

It is a strange village to visit, this village in England that history tells us halted the further spread of the horrific Bubonic Plague 
350 years ago by self-isolating the whole village.
 Even before you are told the history, the village  has a strange feel about it. People within the village still died but eventually the plague died out, and life went on. Are there lessons to be learned from this? .click here to read story

Bee House From the Men’s Shed Belmont

Isnt it just ‘the bees knees?’ Tjis hand-made little winter home for bees is on sale very cheaply from The Men’s Shed Community Project, based at the Neighbourhood Centre in Belmont North.
I have been pleased with my extra- long spice rack for $20, and came home lately with a leaf-shaped platter. There is a very intelligently made Noah’s Ark, containing animals inside, plus some working toys.

Today I Bought a New Yacht

and some plastic duckies!

Despite every bathroom I have always having a nautical theme, I have absolutely no desire to buy myself a real yacht because I get so seasick, but I do like to look at them from the lake edge.From my time as a coastal Patrol volunteer, watching out for the passing of the yachts and any danger, plus learning all the risks from gas explosions or sinking due to poor maintenance, I learned that there is a lot more to being a good yachtsman/person than just getting on board every weekend!Local catamaran on Lake Maquarie

Coronavirus Shopping Madness Affecting Mums and Aged

Mums are unable to buy even sanitizer to keep their children safe.

Also, I do my grocery shopping online with Coles fortnightly as I am vision impaired and have mobility problems and Parkinsons. I usually order on Sunday evening for Monday or Tuesday home delivery but have just heard delivery may take a week because people are panic buying and stocking up online instead of going to the supermarket. Thanks to them it looks like I will have to get assistance to go to the supermarket myself for next week’s food.

By early morning all will have been booked

Fearless or Foolhardy – Parkinsons update

Off to a free Seniors concert down at the hall to catch coronavirus with the other old people. Clever ploy by the government to wipe a few off the care funding bill and save lots of dollars? Must run that past Lou. Wonder if the free lunch will still be on with finger food? I

I’ve probably already had it, mixed in with all my usual coughing and sneezing fits, bedbound with muscle pain, temperatures and even the odd rash. Oh and that nodule in my lung. When lying flat I sound like an accordion! Anyway since things are only going to get worse it can be my final bid for notoriety. If your number’s up it’s up.

Otherwise the chance for a good singsong. Deep breaths inhaling germs… la la la

Update: Surprisingly good morning. Not only morning tea and sandwiches, but a very good performance by Adam Price,of the Blue Water Cowboys.
What a versatile voice he has. Up there with the best.Adam Price arrives

Unfortunately I had to leave before the pizza!

People Have Been Fighting for Toilet Rolls!

Good story today D and the video is brilliant!

What craziness has been going on over the last week and all connected to the Coronavirus. It seems leople are mistakenly including severe gastroenteritis among the symptoms and have been panic- buying and stockpiling massive numbers of toilet rolls. My helper and I saw it for ourselves last Thursday. They must have nust refilled the previous night’s emptied supermarket shelves, for one man came walking out carrying nothing but a twelve-pack – not of the usual beer but loo rolls!

Fortuntaely I had a pack of 12 in the laundry cupboard anyway and no room for storage, because admittedly there is nothing worse than running out, and sadly it was the pensioners who only buy a twin-pack at a time who suffered.

The lack of empathy and sharing is what is actually terrifying. In some places, even locally, it has been likened to a scene from Mad Max, the movie, where people totally lost self-control and fought over such a simple item. It bodes ill for when the food shortages hit from the drought, bushfires and floods over the coming months, Perhaps I should stockpile frozen peas!

The news reminded me of the days before toilet tissue or even toilet rolls were invented (talking the 1950’s in Scotland) Sheets of waxed paper came in a flat box with a slot, This fitted into a chrome holder on the wall. The paper was neither absorbent or comfortable to use. The alternative – what we call recycling today, was to tear newspaper pages into even sized squares, thread them on to a loop of string to hang next to the toilet, as my 80-year old Grandad did. At least you kept up with patches of the news – and the comics if you were lucky. We had something to read to pass the time.

It became a sign of status for councils and businesses to have each waxed sheet printed with name and logo. It was fun to have a collection from your travels! My best was from Rolls Royce when even they hadnt heard of toilet tissue yet.

The first new rolls were fairly stiff but great progress. Then we had a roll of patterned rolls a couple of decades ago but they seem to have gone down the drain.

So have coloured rolls, come to think of it. I liked pale blue, and peach, but then even my very nodern bath and loo were the latest avocado green (1970’s).

Today’s soft, pristine, extra-long rolls are bliss. Oh yes, even poo has made progress.

Archibald Art Prize in Muswellbrook, NSW

By my Special News Correspondent – Angela Bennett:

This Thursday just past, I accompanied Marion Fellowes and several of her friends on a train trip to a Regional art gallery showing of the 2019 Archibald Prize finalists, which is currently touring Regional NSW, after being initially displayed at the Art Gallery of NSW in The Domaine, Sydney.
We travelled as part of a social group, to a special After Hours showing at the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, organised by the Two More Trains for Singleton lobby group.
Although the Lobby group’s primary aim has been to lobby State government in aid of better train services for the Upper Hunter Valley [yay, we got 2 more train services per day after 10 years!], the group also organises social train trips from Singleton to various destinations and events in the Hunter Region, to promote social train travel in the area and also to boost train commuter numbers in the process. We all know how the government loves their Statistics. 😁

Getting back to the Archibald Art Prize, the link to the professional photos on the Art Gallery of NSW website, which shows photos of pretty much all of the finalists, from the Prize’s inception in 1921 (in separate links /folders for each year, of course) is here:
I think my favourite is the absolutely luminous, riveting painting of an Aboriginal Elder by the name of Daisy Tjuparntarri Ward, by David Darcy.
I have no idea how it didn’t win first prize.
I was quite fascinated by the additional imagery in Anh Do’s composite work depicting George Gittoes. Though I’m not particularly a huge fan of the way Anh applies his paints to the canvas, the thick layers certainly make an impact…
I was also intrigued by the portrait of actor David Wenham through the window of a cafe, where the artist has included the window reflections from the opposite streetscape.
Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre has been exhibiting the paintings from 26 January. Their exhibition ends tomorrow – Sunday, 8 March.
The collection of paintings then go to Moree, Bathurst and Coffs Harbour.
14 September 2019 – 5 November 2019
TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria
16 November 2019 – 12 January 2020
Gosford Regional Gallery and Arts Centre
26 January 2020 – 8 March 2020
Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre
21 March 2020 – 2 May 2020
Bank Art Museum Moree
15 May 2020 – 28 June 2020
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
4 July 2020 – 15 August 2020
Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery
I’m quite chuffed that Muswellbrook is only the third regional town in Australia to host the 2019 Prize Tour, after the Art Gallery of NSW in The Domaine, Sydney, which I think is rather special!
It’s a bit strange that The Newcastle Regional Art Gallery doesn’t even appear to be in the touring schedule this year. Considering Newcastle is a major regional city…
Anyway, that’s all my news.
Hugs, Angela. 😀☕👍

Spread Love Not Germs

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, yesterday we were advised by medical experts to no longer hug, shake hands, or even kiss in public to avoid catching the germs that are lurking to get us.

This is going to be really tough as we are a very huggy, handshaking nation, and to hold back can give offence. A hug between strangers is seen as a sign of a warm welcome, or a kind goodbye, solace in sadness, congratulations, It is the gift of love.

Men shake hands all the time, especially during the working day. It is the sign of trust from Roman times, showing that the hand was not holding a knife to stab with, so they say.

Mates shake hands on meeting.Now we are told they can pat each other on the back.

I can see the whole nation going into an emotional decline if this goes on.

I am not doubting the seriousness of the situation as far as the virus. I am in the most at risk bracket, but hugs from family and friends keep me going.

On a lighter note seems I am spreading giggles instead of germs, without doing it intentionally. I write as I think. People quote me years later!

On a serious medical support site I made someone giggle, she said.

I am well pleased. Maybe the light at the end of that tunnel I am always going on about is me?

My poem – Where Be The Light – published in Opus-

My Other Life

black swans Belmont NSW

Honestly. I do embarrass myself! That is why Damon at The Newcastle Herald is not allowed to use my full name. That way no one links me to my long suffering sons. As it was, the taxi driver told me one of my supposedly humorous submissions was in the other day (must look it up). Then a lady at my new craft class today asked me if I was Eunice from Belmont, and told me this was in todays paper. I honestly blushed bright red! Twice in a week. Fortunately people fell me they get a laugh from my stuff. Personally, I think Eunice from Belmont is an idiot! Such is fame.

Telstra Saga Progress – full Circle

Something is happening…BUT..second day in a row I get a pleasant call, from a faraway place, saying, in a cheerful voice, that my case (for my free customer credit handset – value $40!) is stull being followed up by their team (I get a whole feam, that is why they are too busy to put your phone on, sorry). I start to sit up..mumble mumble, consignment, mumble mumble (does this mean they have found it? Are they sending another? Careful girl, dont get your hopes up. The weeks of waiting in for the delivery may be over?) Then it came, faintly: mumble mumble..five days..mumble mumble..but if not we will give you a full refund (didnt spend any money) of your 15,000 credits! CRASH!!! You know what this means, my new chums? This means they do nothing for five days, refund my brownie points for being an exemplary customer, then I go back and re-order. Oh yes I will re-order, but I suspect it is out of production. This has become my new hobby. I have no hope of succeeding but I have come so far (can you hear the music building, drums thrumming, trumpets tootling). I have broken through barriers, I have scaled unknown heights in Telstra customer relations. Hey, last week I nearly got through to their S.W.A.T squad and I started a fraud enquiry. Somewhere in there I have made waves. (you can cheer now) Oh yes, my friends, but there is one slight hiccup. (music stops abruptly) I still dont have the valid valid passport or a drivers licence he demanded to order online. I do have multiple govt photo ID’s he wont accept. I will have to use my son’s drivers licence like before for ID, but as before he doesnt live here. He will suggest I go into the store, register, wait an hour only to find you can only get them nline…no, I may be crazy, but I’m not that stupid. No I will order, use the licence, and sit back to wait for delivery. Im retired, it passes the time.

Going Through the Archives – 1975?

“Im a celebrity, get me out of here!” OMG, that was the bright yellow Yamaha Chappy automatic, straight out of the showroom. Only one in Singleton, and possibly this side of Sydney. 70kmh flat-out downhill – with the wind behind it.

The local Nomads treated me with respect, I was told (by one of the Mums – even dangerous bikers have nice Mums). The notorious motor cycle gang said it was a death machine, with its low centre of gravity, and the fact that I rode amongst the huge coal trucks. They made me an honorary member – a distant one!

In the usual holdup on Dunnolly Bridge in Singleton, the truckies would creep up behind me, their air brakes going ‘pst, psst’ as one would creep up and make a sandwich of me. Great fun, they thought.

In my Chips wing mirrors I could see him pull down his two-way radio, speak to his mate, then laugh uproariously. I would angle my handlebars so I could meet his eyes in my wing mirror, and smile brightly. A regular occurence. You only die once. I must have been on Valium.

In a short time they became protective of me. How I loved the freedom that scooter ave me. $450 that I paid off myself. elow is my second scooter, the Yamaha Belipuga. Beautiful.,

Watch “Vulcan Bomber Takeoff 2012 on YouTube! and it was gone! After a long wait the ancient bomber from the ‘Cold War’ and Falklands War UK days took of with its famous growling roar from Doncaster Airport, where it is now stationed in its own museum. Aged 21, I used to watch it take off low over my office in Worksop, and wonder whether it was carrying the dreaded nuclear bombs on that day. I was able to purchase some small parts for my son as they were replaced. Tthe site has some interesting merchandise. Sorry about the poor quality, but the sound is true, and rattles my tablet! It was an amazing piece of equipment. Lots of videos on Youtube.

screenshot from Google

About the Vulcan Doncaster Museum

Using up old paint – something from nothing

Being vision-impaired I cant see how this worked till I blow it up on the big screen. Dis a pour onto paper with the last of the acrylic marbling paint.Rolled it up then eased it open. Filled it with blue glass balls for weight. Will add string and tie it up. Bext time I will swirl the paint in the bottle , not on paper. The weight of the balls should press the paint against the glass.

Has Telstra been Hacked?

copy rxt from fbWell gang, after all day going back and forth over wrongful delivery of my puny little handset with the large numbers, I became convinced their delivery computer has been compromised, and so did they.

I cant bear to document my whole wasted day but at the last minute I noticed that on my ‘Hey Eunice, delivery today, ,letter it said, next to the tracking button small prt after 9 PM that night. Not 9AM to track it during that day. Maybe up till 9pm it referred to another order? The one in Grafton.

Anyway my package still didnt arrive so at 9.30pm so I tried the link again. Delivered to Grafton, but I found something in the small print (I have very impaired vision). Look carefully. That order had been delivered on 10th JANUARY! My letter said it was on its way friday, 21st FEBRUARY. This order was nothing whatever to do with me!!! It was just linked into my separate delivery.

Not one of the three offshore guys or the two Star Track operatives had picked that up.

Now it may mean my handset has been left up at the village office because he couldnt be bothered to come to me, but no one has told me, or something suspicious is going on.

Telstra knew Toll transport recently had their system hacked into which is why my package was fifteen days late apparently, even if it is with Star Track, not Toll.

I havent let the nice lady at ST know yet, as she bad given me a special James Bond code word that would get me through the secret door at Telstra. Judging by the electric response to that word, it must lead to a S.W.A.T.Squad! “Who gave you that word” he demanded (honestly I am not making it up). “Just put me through”, I said grimly, but he refused, clearly agitated. So now the James Bond theme is going through my head, I have missed dinner, have given up on my parcel for the weekend, and informed him it seems their system may have been hacked, or there is fraud going on. THIS COULD EXPLAIN SOME OF YOUR ISSUES if the computer has been got at?

Outcome? Their ‘team is going into it over the weekend and will get back on Monday, (pictures Telstra weekend team as a fraud squad of black-garbed ninjas, ducking down corridors)… this space.

Dream On 🏖

In Harthilll, England, stands a ruined barn. It faces a castle motte from Norman times. The castle itself has gone but the old walls are nice.

Harthill is a nice friendly village in Nottinghamshire, England. An ice cream van sits by the pond most days, selling its own Parnhams ice cream from a machine. .It is the best ice cream in the world. I hope it is still there.

I have spent hours renovating this  old barn in my mind, but apart from adding a sold oak balcony at this end, to face the motte, the outside will not be touched. All the finterior oak framing will stand alone inside while acting to hold up the external wall by some kind of bracing katticework.

Don’t scoff. I used to work for Frith and Taylor, Architects, A/ARIBA in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, when I first left school. As well as printing out plans in the old stables downstairs in what had been an old inn, I used to sometimes accompany the boss or one of the draughtsmen on site visits to stately homes.

One time. aged 16, we cycled out to Worksop Manor to measure up the old stables ready for modernisation under Captain Farr’s direction. His racehorses were going to have the best.

Remember it was only a decade before, that many stately piles had been demolished as too expensive to retain. Existing ones were being modernised, concretised, until Prince Charles put his foot down. (I had his amazing book. Wonder where it went in all my moves).

Mr Frith, sadly, has gone (lovely family man, his son is now a concert pianist). While I was working there, this same son had taken a run up to the modern glass door of their home, missed the handle, and went straight through the glass! He was fine. Toughened glass came along soon sfter.

So I have absorbed a bit of architectural knowhow over the years. Here in country Austtralia I worked for surveyors who also worked with stately homes, though none of these were over 200 years old, so it took a lot to impress me.

So, Kevin of Grand Designs, this may be a fantasy, but if I win the $10,000,000 lottery we have a programme. I think me and Frith and Taylor could come up with something Prince Charles would approve of.

One slight problem. The property is not for sale. I think it may even be under a covenant. But this means no one else can come an ruin it.

Next time you have difficulty sleeping, stare intently at this photo, and close your eyes and imagine what it could be like. Sweet dreams.

Latest Water Saving Technology – well technically it is!

Four ninute egg-timer

“Like the sands in the hourglass…”

Due to the longest drought we are now on level 2 water restrictions. Despite the recent heavy rain over the pasr two weeks, in its wisdom Lake Macquarie City Council and the Hunter Water Board has issued all households with a free 4 minute timer.

You just stick it on the tiles and watch the sand run through while you are in the shower. Four minutes to run through .

As if. Cant even see it without my specs! Cute idea though. Reminds me just by being there.

Watch “Down and Dirty – Costa- Music Video” on YouTube Check out this fun music video.

Costa is our gardening guru on ABC television. As you can see, he likes to let his hair down!

I think he may be one of Nigel’s relatives.

Romance in the rain. Sent by a friend. Sorry, cant credit this clever photographer

Daisy – my Fairy from Ebay

Not all fairies stay. These flew away to Singleton.

Barrie, my guard-en gnome in UK, who came to a tragic end.

The real Barie. Was he the model?

Making Black Marble Effect- Something from Nothing

Using a pouring acrylic kit -$28.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Update: Next norning.What do you think? Rubbish? I quite like it. It’It’still settling. Update: Some of the white marble effect has turned blue as it is curing. Even more effective. A visitor thought it was real marble!

blue starting to appear

Now for a band of rhinestones aaround the top edge!

First attempt. watched some Youtube videos then poured colours on top of each other in a plastic cop like they did in the demo.My kit didnt say to. Poured it out and let it ooze.

How it began. Incoming meteor $50,000! (there are people daft enough tp pay that, in the right place

Scribbled it with my finger. Tried the hairdryer to spread, didnt like the effect.

Topped with scribbled black and white then skewer then finger painting.Back at pre-school!

Now resisting the temptation to fiddle further but it will keep moving and settling overnight.

Hoping for a subtle pink/grey Italian marble effect. One can but hope. If it fails I just cover it with a wooden board.

gloal warming.$59,00 in an art gallery!

second pour

Well Done Australia Post

Lately I have had a lot to whinge about and I am still waiting for the delivery of my Telstra handset which you would know all about if you are a regular reader.

I am informed that unfortunately, one of their carrier companies has been hacked into so all deliveries have gone Haywire and it is affecting Big Business everywhere. I was told my my delivery would be anything up to 15 days so I think it must due today but who can say?

The palaver of hanging online just to speak to someone who does not understand you. If you think I am just a whinging pom go to the Facebook group ‘complaints about Telstra’. Yu will have your mind loan at what they’re getting away with badd customer relations.🧱

On the other hand full marks to Australia Post. 👩‍🦳🎁

Ok in the middle of a severe thunderstorm he did drop my package in for signature in the hall office up the hill where it was nice and safe. He just forgot to tell me in all that thunder and lightning. So did the office manager.

I must not have had him knocking at my door first, because of all the thunder and noise from the storm,unfortunately.

I got a really good person on customer relations who not only was he really cheerful and easy to understand (you know what I mean ) 👨‍🏫and very helpful but in a short time the team had its whereabouts more or less pinned down.

Our office manager is not impressed by being referred to as a concierge, however!

Australia Post was on the ball and here is my lovely, expensive-but -reduced House and Home silk bedcover that all the fuss was about. The last one left in db size that I was really looking forward to.

My quilted silk bedcover from House &Home.

So all is well. Brownie points to the staff who followed up my complaint in a very pleasant and friendly way and they got results .👩‍🦳

Take that Telstra!🤯

Got By The Cornavirus

Garden retreat at Tantarra Warners Bay

Rang the mobility shop to enquire where my new special walking shoes had got to.

It seems they are not being allowed out of China where they were manufactured because of the coronavirus.

So at least my feet will not be catching the coronavirus and spreading it to the rest of me which is was just comforting.

Since the shop had a pair of the same design in another colour they will do fine, and are being delivered on Monday.

Frankly I don’t think any germ can survive my sweaty feet but don’t tell anybody that.

It does show how the virus precautions are impacting already on everyday life in Australia, but we are at war with an unseen and unknown invader, so it must be done.

Painting With Max Watters – a memoir

Funeral Report

screenshot from Google

The funeral for succesful Australian artist, Max Watters, was held on Wed 19th February, 2020. He was 83 when he died.

So sorry to lose my friend and former art tutor. Many others will feel the same, because as mentioned at his funeral, Max didn’t hold art classes, he had art groups. We weren’t his pupils, he treated us as his friends.

Max would have been about forty when I met him. Tall, pleasant-pleasant-looking, slightly balding, sleeves of his cotton shirts rolled above his biceps, worker style.

He was very quiet, always had a half-smile on his face, ready to laugh.I was part of his first art group in Singleton. He would have been about forty. Our class met in the Old Municipal Chambers on the main highway, with heavy coal trucks rumbling by the entrance.

Despite his success, Max didn’t try to impose his unique style upon us. I only wish he had. Already even his small paintings were selling for $4,000 in the 1980’s. Cheekily, I offered to swap him one of my early works for one of his. He smiled gently, a twinkle in his eye, and turned to my latest effort to see how he could help solve my problem.

Being a true individual himself, Max didnt try to influence our styles of painting, preferring to encourage. He would show you how to mix a certain shade, what the best brush was for that stroke, then stand back and move to the next person.

He did share one of his secrets for avoiding tedious hours of filling in tree canopies. A small piece of sponge that he would dab into certain shades then press on to the canvas. The tedious (to me) hours of carefully placing dot after dot of colour came after.Another hint he gave me is not to paint your branches on to the sky, but to paint small patches of sky amongst your leaves later. Much better effect.

The uniqueness of his early country scenes was the two-dimensional ‘flatness’ that still conveyed a complete view of a cottage on a hillside among trees. He captured old schools, sheds with iron roofs. Country areas that have since been swallwed by coal mining. The colours were deep, they glowed.

I had heard’the naive style’ atributed to them. The technique was complicated.

Max Watters brother Frank, who till recently ran the Watters art gallery in Sydney, could surely tell you in exact terms how Max Watters’ works fit into the modern art genre, for he has sold many of them.

Being Max though, he would return to Muswellbrook, NSW from Sydney having purchased the work of other promising talent.

If you called in to his home In Muswellbrook, half-way up the Hunter Valley as we locals see it, you would enter a true old wooden Aussie cottage, verandas and all. In my memory it was all weathered wood, no paint.

Same inside, but leaning against every wall, and hanging on every wall, were paintings by other artists. The money Max Watter’s own paintings made went back into more paintings. His place was a very condensed art gallery!

Even then, Max intended to have enough to further the impressive collection of the progressive Muswellbrook Art Gallery and there it is today. Not a country town little art gallery in a rickety hall, but a well-renowned modern, active gallery that is part of the local community and the whole art world.

That is his legacy. We are his legacy. People who love to paint, not ‘precious’ painters. He wasn’t our teacher, even though we were his first Singleton class. We were, and stayed, his friends.

And yes, next time you look at the sky, open your eyes. Just gaze. How many shades of blue do you see? Is that cloud tinged with grey, or is it really a reddish purple? Is there a hint if butter yellow among that cloud where the sun is behind? It is a special yellow that comes in a tube. Payne’s grey, not black gives better shading on skin tones. Little suggestions that make a world of difference. Thanks for those tips, Max.

Eunice C English

Grandma on Grammer – playing around with punctuation

Two of my best friends are University-educated (so am I – to a degree), Karen Ractliffe, and writer/actress Gwen Downing, are very particular about the use of good grammer, and punctuation in particular. Both are excellent writers in there own right.

Here is a train of thought from an email to Gwen just now. My former English Lecturer, Dr Chris Polnitz, would absolutely cringe. Read on

With the freedom of expression blogging brings, my grammar and especially punctuation are now woeful.

But I am trying to cut out but, but but seems to be one of my key buzz words.

As for ‘!’, those are even starting to annoy me, after scattering them wildly about all these years!! But surely it is better than lol (laugh out loud), or LOL (laugh out loud- LOUDLY), lol!

I do like to occasionally use focl (fall off chair laughing) or in my case foclngmu – falls off chair laughing now get me up).

If I just put vf (very funny) instead no one under 40 would understand, would they? Lol focl foclnpmu! Ha ha.

However, (another of my buzz words no one under 40 would use), is a word I am making an effort to obviate.

A serious effort is being made to curtail exclamation marks (these things !) but how will anyone know I am being funny? Oh yes, they will LOL without needing to be told. Hmm.

Well that was fun, if not funny. You cannot say it is not good English for I am Eunice English so whatever I write or say must be the proper English, as I once pointed out to my boss when I worked in the English Language Centre at the University of Newcastle . Named after me- not.
Time for coffee.

Love Euni

PS if you would like to comment feel free. If you would like anything explained please ask. I am not promising that my answer will make any more sense (nearly put an exclamation mark.)

Which Historical Figure Would I Invite to Dinner?

Lunch at the lake

I was going to invite Jesus. He brings his own wine, has some great party tricks and tells great stories. He is a really nice bloke who stands up for his rights. He is the original sandal-wearing, long-haired hippie. Not a vegetarian though as he is very big on fish. With bread. Very full of peace and love. Wants us to love everyone. He is a lot more fun than people think.

Unfortunately he has his scarred hands full at the moment what with one thing and another, and now there is this latest plague to deal with. His Dad is very proud of him. “Well pleased” in fact.

Anyway the late Dowager Duchess of Devnshire has graciously agreed to fill in. She has been a big influence on me (Q11),and going back to my previous answer (Q2) saved the Chatsworth Estate from absolute ruin by making it commercial yet beautiful together with her husband, the Duke of Devonshire. They put on exhibitions of huge modern art in the gardens and had fabulous farm foods in their shop next to the cafe. The family continues to do a fabulous job.

My main interest at the moment is that she is/was a very lively American (one of three Mitford sisters), who made huge success of marrying into the British Aristocracy. Hopefully if Meghan turns up the Duchess will be the one person who can sort her out.

  1. You’ve been abducted by aliens, and they demand that you take them to your leader – who do you take them to?
  2. A. I have no leader. I take orders from no one.
  3. If there was a film made of your life story, which famous actor would you want to play you?
  4. A.
  5. Rene Zwellneggeer in Briget Jones character as the younger mee.. I know, it’s tragic!
  6. Maybe Mae West during my mid-life crises (sic). She had my boobs.
  7. In later life it would have to be Keeping Up Appearances tv series Mrs Bouquet/Bucket actress, Patricia Cornwell, according to LSS ( long suffering son).
  8. If you were trapped in a historical time (presumably your time machine has malfunctioned) what period would you be most likely to survive in?

A. Sadly, only the modern day. I am a Miracle of Modern Science.

  1. What is your favorite kind of weather and why?
  2. A.Snow – when viewed from 12,000 miles away in Australia, although I always get exited here when it finally rains. Snow makes everything beautiful.
  3. Chocolate or Caramel?
  4. A.Caramel. Best of all caramel In chocolate. This body was built on Mars Bars and McDonalds caramel sundaes.
  5. If you could turn into any mythical creature, which one would it be?


Unicorn by Eunice Hobson-English

Why a white Eunicecorn, of course!

My Questions for My Nominees:

Why do owners of Health Food shops never look healthy?

2. What meal would you cook for the Queen?

3. Have you ever gone somewhere wearing odd shoes?

4. If they let you play for one night in a heavy metal band, which would it be.

5. Are eyes important to you and why?

6. What item goes everywhere with you?

7. What do you write using?

8. Do you go all misty at the sight of an old-fashined typewriter?

9. Does your blog rule your life?

10. What country are you currently in?

11. What country would you like to be in?

Geting Back on the Parkies Meds

Finaly coming back to life, but it was a close call. Taken in car while waiting for my Chinese meal to be collected

Thursday 13th Feb 2020

Because I had been missing sifrol for over 2 weeks, the hospital could only describe me a half dose for six days. Should be getting back into my system. Yesterday my new Carousel game with my tablets in.

And last night I took the 1st full tablet on my normal dose of Sifrol, expecting to wake up feeling much better.

But during the night after only a couple of hours sleep, I was in so much pain throughout my body. It would not let me sleep, so I had to get up. I moved about so stiffly, but I had walked a fair bit yesterday to get ny weak legs back.

finally fell asleep in the recliner chair in front of the TV about 4 a.m. This morning. Woke at 7am and waited for the medication alarm to go off at 8 a.m. Then started getting ready for my helper to come and take me out.

I could hardly walk at all. But just needed to get away for a change of scene and some fresh air. This place gets very airless. We went to the Cherry Road nursery for a milkshake, sitting in the outdoor area among all the lovely plants.

The toasted raisin bread did not taste right. This is a problem with the medications at the moment but I was able to pick up some of their fertilizer for my plants, plus some for Frank who has just fixed my bathrom scales today. Shock increase of 4 kilos.Know that is right as the tape said 5cm increase.

We decided that we fancied some Chinese so rang up on the way home,and collected it. I had no sooner eaten some of mine, and I came to bed and went fast sleep for a couple of hours. And here I have stayed quite comfortably for the rest of the day, but my mind feels like my mind. And I am thinking ahead once more.

Then I got a surprise! I have been nominated for a Blog award. More about that later.

My Flying Saucer! – new medication dispenser

A 7-day supply arrives safely packed, and the service is free in New South Wales

I am very pleased with my new gadget. Battery operated, it’s to help get my medication at the right time. Also the right amount.

The cardboard Pack that I will get was getting ready-made from the chemist was not working with my vision. After I had fought my way in there was usually one tablet on the floor somewhere. Never to be seen again.

This automatically moves around, buzzes, flashes, and opens at the right time and there’s the right tablets.

All I have to do is to tip them into hand or a cup. It will then stop beeping.

It is really handy.

Better still my chemist has a spare insert which she fills up for next week, and it is delivered to my home. Every Wednesday the Chemist Assistant unlocks the box and takes out the empty one and sets up the new one, so it is all very safe.

Another move in the right direction. This getting old is a pain in the bum. fortunately an actual pain in the b** is not a problem!

Coming Back From a Parallel Universe

Darn, it hasn’t worked! My new iPhone has a gizmo to do a little drawings into emails but it doesn’t seem to save them they just go into the body of the email. I really liked my first one but I lost it before I could make a screenshot. I’ll try and find it or something. But later but just letting you know I am feeling so much better now they have fixed up my medication and it’s getting back into my system after being missing for over eight increasingly horrible days.

🌄 Light at the end of the tunnel

hree weks later:. It’s just been awful. I haven’t felt like I was myself at all. As soon as I told the doctor at the hospital I felt I was l “looking out of a head wrapped in wrinkled celophane” she knew immediately what I meant.

Do not stop taking suddenly” it clearly states on the Sifrol packet (see previous blogs) but I didnt have a packet, nor were the tablets in my blister pack from the chemist because the new repeat prescription had accidentally ben omitted when the neuro printed the others out, and the chemist assumed he bad cut them, as you would. I did query why they wern’t there, and the chemists both thought it was intentional.

So my brain has been increasingly frantically looking for the missing component that stops my muscle spasms. My muscles have been cringing the letting go, and I had no control. a family of mice were runing around under my skin, my insides felt they were wobbling like trifle jelly, and there was no rest. I should have shoogled off heaps of weight, but instead am 5cms and 4 kilos in a fortnight overweight.

Feeling your buttocks slowly clenching and moving under you while sitting is like something from Alien. Today I am writing it from the outside. By the time my carer took me to the hospital last Thursday (read At the Hospital) I had been hacking people up in the most gruesome nightmare, despite never watching horror movies, and was really scared I might do something psychotic.

I also badly wanted to die, just to get out of this nightmare.

Food tasted awful. Nothing smelled right. Suddenly I hated my revamped bedroom. That one is still with me.

Add the extreme bushfire-causing 41C heat, increasing humidity and no transport to get out. They tell you to talk to someone, but honestly no one wants to know, because they have their own problems, especially at my age. I was about to call Lifeline.

My neurologist was to busy to talk to me. We had both blamed the increased dose of Xadago for my problem, so he left the msg with his seccetary to tell me to go back to the low dose if I wanted.

In fact jt was ssvere Sifrol withdrawal* My GP was away, and the other was booked for days (he nas since fefered me to a new neurologist)

Many thanks to my great friend Angela Bennett who was due to visit for the weekend but dropped everything to drive 87kms to bring me home from hospital with my new medication.

That was when the torrential rain moved in for days. My place is tiny.

Big round of thunderous applause please for Miss Angela Bennett, a true friend for over 20 years, who quietly got on with what she was doing but keeping an eye on me while camping out at my place. A true Saint. You deserve the best, Ang.🏝🎠🎪🌈


and that was putting it very mildly! Facebook has good support groups who share and discuss. I highly recommend.

AT THE Hospital

Black swans feeding on Lake Macquarie

Will edit later: Thurs 7th Feb. After ringing my neuro and my chemist – again – felt so ill and ‘behind celloohane that I asked my carer to leave me up at the local hospital because I felt too il to stay at home, and had honestly lost the will to live.

Thank God for a very pereceptive doctor in triage who believed me that I thought I either had serotonin syndrome or severe Sifrol withdraal. Fortunately emergency was quiet and Doctor had time to go and look it all up. Then she rang my neuro, who looked on his ‘yiu beaut” computer and “Ops! the Sifrol script had “”fallen off the .computer screen”), so had not been printed out with the new scripts. I had questioned the chemist but they said neuro had not sent script so no more Sifrol was made up. Later in the week I had rung to say meds were making me vey ill. Was it new medd? Msg from neuro, go bacj to original dose. Not too bad that day but from 2am this morning, muscles spasms (especialy in buttocks while sitin (sorry stil too shaky to type) and not wanting to live any more. My doc is fully ooked till next week btw. Rang chemist who asked me to get neuro to authorise lower dose of Xadago. Secretary said she would check. Once I remebeed Sifrol,looked up withddawal it al ade sense.

So thanks to the wonderful lady doctor who pieced it all together, organised a wek of half dose sofril, and have taken first dose at hospital where I remain while my carer runs my tablet cariusel round to the waiting chemist.

Will probably go home with the Norovirus. Got a sore throat now, but its from my throat kep clenching.

My heart gkes out to all addicts. This withdrawal was so scary and bad. No wonder they have to give in.

There used to be Drug and Alcohol places to go to but not now. I wasnt able to stay in for observation. They just dont have the beds..

Xadago – Safinamide – Im Dreaming Horror Films – progress diary

Xadago –

5/2/2020 Fell asleep into blisful sleep ay 7pm. Had wanted to wait till after 10pm when I take my Madopar PBS overnight tablet.

Disgusted to wake at only 10.30pm thinking it must be at least 3am. Got up had belated meal but not hungry. Got a sudden fancy for seafood. Seafood salad last night and lunch, trout filets for tea ut couldnt be bothered preparing salad. Only ate a little bit.

Restless legs clamping and letting go in thighs and buttocks. still ha

vent taken 10pm madopar. very thirst. Will go take it now. 12pm. Bladder holding better but not passing much urine. Urine dark. (Remember this is just a diary record as it happens and cannot at this stage be attributed to one particular med because my dose of Sofril /Sifrol was cut out completely. That seems like a logical thought. Hopeful.)

Right now what I want to document is my dreams over the past hour, in which I was the instigator of several full-colour bizarre murders involving lift shafts and fire, severed limbs, the long wait as the lifts slowly ascended or descended, and standing beside black-painted, Victorian-style steel railings on a sandstone step watching grisly murders unfold and coming towards me. Fortunately the details are starting to fade. In some I had a silent male accomplice who seemed in tune with me. Now I abhor any horror or zombie movies so where is this from.

My current underlying feeling at the moment has gone from hopeless despar growing over the past week. Sunday night was worst, to a volcano lool of mild anger. I am still very resentful of the two friends who let me down last Friday, when I had gone out of my way to make both of them feel better and had made a real effort to clean and tiny (things were already done by the time my cleaner came for her 1-1/2 hours, then I didnt have a proper rest in the terrible heat but prepared my promised pizza dough and ingredients then Ros next door couldnt be bothered and said no, she wasnt coming in and no, she didnt want some bringing any in, as I usually do in. Then when I texted Janet to see if she was coming (having made a fuss about wanting to visit for days but would bring her own diet meal) she blithely rang and said her daughter and grandson had suddenly arrived, and no they didnt want to come for pizza. In fact, she added unapologetically, she had completely forgotten in the excitement. Which all made me look pretty dumb in front of my new neighbour who had been invited to meet both of Ros and Janet. This neighbour cant eat pizza.

At my age, I have noticed, everybody is gluten fre, lactose free, or sugar free, so it is best to let them bring their own.

Just bad a hot flush, which may be the Madpar kicking in. I want to go back to sleep, but not to dream.Nightmares, often violent, are common to people with Parkies.. Perhaps this is why I tend to get back to sleep as dawn is coming.

It has only been in the past four days that I have had any restful sleep at all,despite the intense heat. Being closed in for days with the aircon gking nearly 24/7 to take out the humidity is enough to send anybody daft.

I must note the flashing light in my eyes. Its both eyes so from the brain. And my visiion is worse since the change of meds. Need to go back to sleep. Thinking of fields of daisies to replace raw leg of lamb I see on a wooden table in my mind. Just needed to document in case I have a phsychotic episode. These mind-altering drugs always do my head in at first. Feeling better now.

4.23am Awake and very sore dspite taking 2 paracetamol alomg with madopar pbs, does it to me every time. Hard to type. Must get up and do stretching to unclench eveeything. Aargh.

Dlont Grieve for Mee – Poem

Be at peace for me

for I am at peace

I’ll go when I am ready

I’ll hurt no more

To go on

is to crumble

to not see

to stumble

to not be free

How can I soar

now I no longer fly

my wings arent clipped

Theyre broken

I dont hear birds

or children’s voices

I no longer laugh

for nothing is funny

or fun

absolutely nothing is fun.

I have gone to fly

A free spirit




But here I am

I am through you

in you

around you

I am the breeze

that just

kised your cheek.

Eùnice C English

February 2012

First time ever I have experienced disabled discrimination (Telstra)

Tonight I made another attempt to obtain this phone using my points for being a loyal customer. The fact that I am a loyal customer did not carry any weight where the call centre is in some foreign country. Remember this is my third attempt.

Despite being told I cant see to drive, so no longer hold a driver’s licence, the Telco is adamant that a driver’s licence or Aussie passport are the only two numbers acceptable to complete my online order.

I let my passport lapse because Im not travelling. I have a valid ID photo card in lieu of my Driver’s licence, but that is not admissible online with the Telco. Check out the time wasted. There is a previous post from yesterday.

I wonder if there is actually anybody human at all in the centre of the Telco set-up up or is it just a computer ringed by all these Minions to field us off from ever getting close to finding out out!
But I am far from alone. My friend and her husband registered their attendance at another ‘Telco’ store in the area, and had to wait three hours for attention, despite the fact that he was in a wheelchair and is usually bed bound.
I was told my wait would be ‘about an hour’ when I signed in today. After an hour we had to give up because I was out of time and had to get home to Belmont with ny carer.
All this aggro was so the delivery driver could recognise me when he delivered the goods. Fair enough. So here is  my latest selfie, with my ‘Not happy Jan’ face! TRANSCRIPT BELOW

‘Not happy,Jan!’ (Popular saying from tv advert)

The following is a record of your online chat.
General Info
Chat start time Thu, 30 Jan *****:51:17 +***** GMT
Chat end time Thu, 30 Jan *****:48:46 +***** GMT
Duration (actual chatting time) 01:57:28
Operator Kenji
Chat Transcript
Telstra: Thanks for chatting with us.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1 Thank you for your patience.
Telstra: You’re now chatting with Christian Paul.
Christian Paul:
Hi Enice

Enice Carol Hobson-English: ref number INT – 2349334497285. Further to prev contact as ref above, I went today to Telstra shop to collect phone. Following is my Facebook post: Don’t talk to me about TElstra – again! After an hour on chat because I don’t have a valid passport or drivers lecence for ID (I have alternatives that online won’t recognise) which are necessaryfor them to post out free my desktop phone using my Extras credits, I was given a number to take into official TElstra office in Kotara. Rang yesterday, couldn’t get through “leave a message and we will get back. “Nothing. (No surprise there.). This morning, rang and queued up. “Leave message etc” (eventually. Left terse msg saying was on way in, gave ref no. nothing. 1pm headed with carer @$50 an hour to TElstra office in Kotara. Expecting me? Nope (no surprise then). Put name on clipboard for hour’s wait.” But..but… Go for lunch. Hour up, time up, head for home. Literally driving out of shopping Centre when phone rings. No going bask, we are out of time. Turns out That handset not in not in their shop anyway. Go home to bed having wasted all that time. 2.51 in agony from walking all those steps. aAbout to go online later to see if new ID card will let me check phone out. Sigh
Christian Paul:
Hope you’re doing fine

Christian Paul:
Please give me a moment to read on your chat.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: It cost me 2 hours @$50 for my carer to take me
Christian Paul:
I’m having confusion on your statement above, can you confirm if this is about a certain order that you’ve ,ade?

Christian Paul:

Enice Carol Hobson-English: Pension card for id ********
Enice Carol Hobson-English: hi Christian. The reference number should take you to a message from the previous chat he told me.
Christian Paul:
Thanks for this information, I’ll check on your account and see what heppened, No worries, I’ll do my best to help you out on this.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: Yes I was trying to order but my passoort is out of dare and my drivers licence which was ***** WK
Christian Paul:

Can you give me the PIN that I’ve sent to your mobile please?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: *****
Christian Paul:
Got the PIN thank you.

Christian Paul:
Please give me a moment to check on my resources first.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: Renmar sggesed I go into the shop
Enice Carol Hobson-English: the shop said I had to do it online!
Christian Paul:
I apologize for the confusion it caused you, no worries, I’ll make thing right.

Christian Paul:
Please give me a moment

Enice Carol Hobson-English: They didnt even have little desktop phone anyway
Enice Carol Hobson-English: I can send a photo of my NSW photo id for mobility parking which my bank accepts
Christian Paul:
OKay, so just ot be clear, you’re trying to place an order however you’re having troubles because you only have limited ID on hand, like Senior card, correct?

Christian Paul:

Enice Carol Hobson-English: yes
Christian Paul:
OKay, I understand.

Christian Paul:
Thanks for clarifying.

Christian Paul:
To be honest with you, I will give my personal advise on the situation.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: I am 73 and disabled. I has been very frustratng
Christian Paul:
I certainly get your point and I understand the situation.

Christian Paul:
I would feel the same way too, I’ll tell you that.

Christian Paul:
Can I ask what would you like to order?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: Australians all complan that Telstra s really hard to deal with. You have a very dificult job
Christian Paul:
I understand.

Christian Paul:
Can I ask what order would you like to make?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: sorry, just the desktop phone using ***** points.
Christian Paul: Okay, I see, Do you have anyone there that you can ask to make the purchase for you?
Enice Carol Hobson-English: I have just bought an iphone 11 on a plan 2 weeks ago
Christian Paul: Okay, thanks for the iformation.
Christian Paul:

Christian Paul:
Do you have anyone there that you can ask to make the purchase for you?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: the delivery was no problem. This is a smple small item. You have all my id from the instore iphone purchase. My son is tge Sales Manager n the **** store where the Telstra franchise is.
Christian Paul:
okay, can we add your son as contact on your account?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: I need you to ask your manager to check my id from the phone purchase and release this order
Enice Carol Hobson-English: My son is on my accunt. Hecdealt with my iphone together with his staff.
Christian Paul:

Christian Paul:
Here’s what we can do on the situation.

Christian Paul:
Can you first check on what would I have to say please?

Christian Paul:
Can you say ok?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: My son is already on my account. The Telstra Franchise in hiscstore does not deal withExtras
Christian Paul:
Okay here’s what we have to do.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: ok but just speak to your boss. I have spent thousands ofvdllars over many years.
Christian Paul:
We can actually place the order for you and set the details having your son’s ID etc on place.

Christian Paul:

Christian Paul:
I’ll pass you on to my suppervisor.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: ok Christian but my credit is as good as his. I am not senile!
Christian Paul: Alright, would you like to be transferred now?
Enice Carol Hobson-English: If you just put my son’s id that should do it
Enice Carol Hobson-English: ? yes
Enice Carol Hobson-English: You are being very kind
Christian Paul:
Okay please stay conected, I’ll put you through.

Telstra: Please wait while your chat is transferred to Kenji.
Telstra: You’re now chatting with Kenji.
Hi there Enice, this is Kenji.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: hi Kenji, this is a silly stuation
I understand that this is about the order you wish to place on the account and that your sons be the receiver.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: All I want is to use my points.
There are two options actually, first is the option Paul gave you that is to add your son as Limited Authority or call us on ***** and say billing to make your son be full authority, and you can use your points, it’s just that you need to have a drivers license at least Australian passport.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: my son does not live here. I have received at least 4 phonesandvtwo tablets from you at several addresses. Just post out thecdeskmphone it is only worth about $40. My new iphone came last week worthbhundreds.
Enice Carol Hobson-English: You say my id in the store 2 weeks ago. My sn can verify. He works there
Is it an Australian drivers license?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: saNoooooo! That is the problem!I have current UK passport though
Oh, I’m sorry. But for all online order or request. A customer needs to have at least an Australian Drivers license or Australian passport.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: I have ots of ID. Senioes card. pension cardmedicare card
Enice Carol Hobson-English: disability ohoto id
If both is not met, there are other options, like going into a Telstra store or adding an authority on the account.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: and my new photo id is in the mail. I renewed it specially on wednesday. That is in place of my driver’s icence. That was ******Enice Carol Hobson-English: You have not been reading. Today I went to the Kotara store. I am on record. It cost me $100 for a carer to take me.
Enice Carol Hobson-English: this is all on facebook and my blog
Enice Carol Hobson-English: Tomorrow it is going to my contact at the Newcastle Herald newspaper
Enice Carol Hobson-English: Telstra has the worst public relations EVER
Enice Carol Hobson-English: Before I went to UK for 8 years I was with Testra. I pay $148 – 180 a mnth. Add jt up and send me my free phone. I am a very long- time cstomer. These are my good customer points that I am using. You owe me this phone
I’m really sorry about this Enice, I understand you went into a store. That is an Australian license?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: NoW stop mucking about or put me through to .Head Office, This is my phone. I want it NOW. You know who I am, you know where I live, you have seen my id in the store.
I understand Enice, but please understand we do have a process to follow about online orders. And we need the ID’s for us to provide the order or device and have it delivered.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: That was my old drivers licence when I could see. Now I am nearly blind so I dont drive any more. Instead they gave me a card for parking as a disabled person. .It has my photo. It is my id. I can send you a photo of it
Is it like a blind citizens card?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: Well there is someone wh can make a special dispensation in a case such as this
Enice Carol Hobson-English: yes it is like a blind ctizens card. It is issued by the government under very strict rules
Can you try to place an order using your Telstra points and use the blind citizens card you have?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: How can I show it to you? I went into the Telstra shop today. They put me on their waiting list for over an hour and I ran out ftime wth my transport and had to leave. She would not lok at my id until it was my turn
I understand, please place the order on this link for Telstra points.


Enice Carol Hobson-English: We have been going round in circles. May I speak to the Manager? It is now over 1hour 30 minutes
I’m the last line off defense right now, and you wish to only place an order using your Telstra points.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: You know it will ask for passport orvdriver lincence so that wont work
Kenji: Are you able to see if there is an option to drag down the ID details?
Enice Carol Hobson-English: This is going in the Australian Newcastle Herald newspaper. ‘Telstra Refuses to Give Disabled Pensioner Phone’
Enice Carol Hobson-English: Yes I have done all that of course. Passport or Drivers Licence it says
Kenji: I’m really sorry about this, but there are rules for our Telstra plus redemption. And ID’s that are needed. We do have a direct line for you to call, this is our DEH *****.

Disability enquiry hotline, I do believe they have other options for ID.

Enice Carol Hobson-English: Are they open now? My disability card IS the other opotion. My PHOTO ID CARD IS THE OTHER OPTION. SO IS Y SENIORS CARD AND MY PENSION CARD.
Enice Carol Hobson-English: I have wasted enough time. Tomorrow I will speak to my Member of Parliament and get the rules changed. Goodnight
They are open from 9AM up to 5AM AEST.

You will call the number I gave Enice, right?

Enice Carol Hobson-English: Of course. Please send this transcript. In the meantime I will try t order again using my customer number frm the Motor Registry who deals with drivers licence, photo Id and mobility id cards .
Enice Carol Hobson-English: Goodbye
Telstra: We’ll email a copy of this transcript to
Bye for now Enice, good night.

Next Morning I tried something and:


But wait!

It(Telstra) Is Not Just Mee …cant sleep contd

Note: goto Facebook group: Telstra Complaints (the vent your anger one)

Don’t talk to me about TElstra – again! After an hour on chat because I don’t have a valid passport or drivers lecence for ID (I have alternatives that online won’t recognise) which are necessaryfor them to post out free my desktop phone using my Extras credits, I was given a number to take into official TElstra office in Kotara. Rang yesterday, couldn’t get through “leave a message and we will get back. Nothing. (No surprise there.). This morning, rang and queued up. “Leave message etc” (eventually. Left terse msg saying was on way in, gave ref no.
nothing. 1pm headed with carer @$50 an hour to TElstra office in Kotara. Expecting me? Nope (no surprise then). Put name on clipboard for hour’s wait.” But..but… Go for lunch. Hour up, time up, head for home. Literally driving out of shopping Centre when phone rings. No going bask, we are out of time. Turns out That handset not in not in their shop anyway. Go home to bed having wasted all that time. 2.51 in agony from walking all those steps. aAbout to go online later to see if new ID card will let me check phone out. Sigh.

I do seem to have gone in for tilting at windmills a lot lately but then I have the time these days if not the energy.

But Wait is this progress?

NO, maybe not!

21st Feb 21stc2020Update

Today my hard -won phone

Parkinson’s update…My neurologist

One I
One of my gift mug designs

I’ve done quite well for a while without needing to increase my Parkinsons medications but lately I have been having great difficulty even typing with a stylus onto the tablet or iPhone because my fingers are not going either far enough or getting the signal to the right place which is totally frustrating.

I have always typed from being at least 15 years old so we are talking 50 odd years now. That is really slowing me down.

Dictating is also nequally frustrating and I have mentioned it before and to be honest I keep forgetting to go back and ‘train my dragon’ recording machine because it means reading out a long paragraph from the screen.

I have trouble reading with my eyesight deterioration. I am about to risk having my cataract done in my only good eye. (note to self: remember to ask specialist for forms)

. I am pleased that the one thing I like about the new iPhone 11 I got last week (Still hating it but beginning to adjust) is that it seems to cope with my Scottish/ Australian accent for dictation which frees me up no end, because I have been taking as long going back and correcting what I have d dictated as the actual dictation.

So everything now is hard work but it’s worth it just to be able to communicate.

Once my vision goes completely I will have to rethink the situation yet again but I have got this far.

I did mention podcasts previously , but I haven’t had time to look into it yet and somehow it’s a bit too upfront. It doesn’t show, but I am a bit shy, and at least here I have a glass screen between me and any critics of my blog. Luckily you have all been really lovely and supportive and no one has said anything negative. Just drift away if you don’t like, that way no one gets hurt😕 Oh help, I felt the need to inset a detested emoji, somebody shoot me!

My neurologist has stepped up the latest tablet which is Xadopar (I have to pronounce it like a Spanish dance fandango with castanets to remember the name. Xadopar! More later.


Not doing too well, but having been shut in for 5 days due t 41C weather has not helped. Dyskasia happening. Deeply depressed.

6pm Suicidal thoughts. Total hoplesness. Baked puff pasty into chicken pie. th

rew awy

When You Can’t Sleep

When you try to cash in your customer credits online for a $40 desk phone and it will only accept passport or drivers licence for delivery identification and neither of yours are still in use. Yet they delivered a very expensive iPhone last week without any I’d!

Begin forwarded message:

From: Telstra 24×7 Chat Transcript <>

Date: 28 January 2020 at 9:32:52 am AEDT

To: Eunice CarolHobson-English *******

Subject: Your chat transcript

The following is a record of your online chat.

General Info

Chat start time

 Mon, 27 Jan *****:13:22 +***** GMT

Chat end time

 Mon, 27 Jan *****:16:18 +***** GMT

Duration (actual chatting time)




Chat Transcript

Telstra: Thanks for chatting with us.

Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 2  Thank you for your patience.

Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 2  Thank you for your patience.

Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 2  Thank you for your patience.

Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 2  Thank you for your patience.

Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1  Thank you for your patience.

Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1  Thank you for your patience.

Telstra: All agents are currently assisting others. Your position in queue is 1  Thank you for your patience.

Telstra: You’re now chatting with Renmar.


Hi Eunice, how can I help you?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: Idont have a current drivers licence or passport. only have a disabled card for id for my order or a Seniors card


I see. Did you place the order already?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: yes for the phone using my points


Thank you for letting me know. I’ll look into this for you.

May I please have the order number so I could pull it up?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: it has moved tge page tbere was no orde number yet. It wanted an i

Eunice CarolHobson-English: had to give id for delivery


The order number are being sent to your email. Could you please check?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: and onlok hold please


Thank you


Just to confirm, are you purchasing Telstra Easy Control – Desktop?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: still no email but my NSW seniirs id nhmber ************ yes to desktop

Eunice CarolHobson-English: ***** Eunice Hobson-English


I see. You haven’t placed the order that’s why you don’t have an order number yet.


Let me check here if an ID is needed for delivery


If not, you could proceed with placing your order.


Please stay online Eunice and don’t place or complete the order yet

Eunice CarolHobson-English: It wont let me because Thank y.ou


Sorry, it won’t let you because?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: i dont have passport or dr licence. My pasport is expired but I have the number


I have checked this further and valid IDs are needed inorder to place an order with your Telstra Plus points


Let’s get your account so I could give you options


May I please have your account number?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: oh dear hang on. my phone is *****


That’s okay


let me get your account with your mobile


Please stay online


I got your account now. Could you please provide the code I texted on your mobile?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: *****


Thank you for the code


Here’s what I suggest


I can see that Richard is authorised on your account. Does he have a Driver’s License or a Passport?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: He does not live here. I use my nsw disability parking scheme photo card for id number******** . It is legal

Eunice CarolHobson-English: It is only a cheap phone. You just delivered my new iphone 11 without. this is ridiculkus

Renmar: I got your point Eunice however the order could only be placed online, we are unable to place an order for you if this is for Telstra Plus.

In this case, the only option is to redeem your points at the Telstra Shop

Eunice CarolHobson-English: I hate Telstra.

Eunice CarolHobson-English: Sorry


I’m with you on this Eunice. If only I could process the order on your behalf, I would do it right away for you.

Eunice CarolHobson-English: i have been doing this for 30 mins. My son is manager at the ********+shop actually. I am quute sure he can id me

Eunice CarolHobson-English: they have the Telstra stand

Eunice CarolHobson-English: It is hardly worth the effort of going

Renmar: That would be perfect.

Here’s what I suggest

Renmar: Please call us by dialing ***** and say “Billing” to the machine.

Once you call us, give them the reference number that I will give you.

They will be adding your Son’s name as Full Authority so that your Son could process the order at the Telstra Store with your Telstra Plus points.


You won’t have to explain anything, just call us and give them the reference number that I will give you.


They would know what to do right away

Telstra: We’ll email a copy of this transcript to

Eunice CarolHobson-English: Thank you Renmar you did your best.


Could you please provide the details of your Son.


First Name:

Last Name:

Date of Birth:

Mobile Number:

Eunice CarolHobson-English: can I have the ref no please? My son has poa for me anyway


Yes, I’ll give you the reference number so you won’t have to repeat yourself 🙂


All you have to do is call the billing team and provide the reference number I will give you.

Eunice CarolHobson-English: ***************


Thank you for waiting! As promised, your reference number is INT 1*******


Please write it down and give it to the billing team. or you could ask them to read the note I saved


because the note I saved is complete 🙂


You won’t have to repeat yourself

Eunice CarolHobson-English: thank you Renmar. That is a nice name


Thank you Eunice! Will there be anything else that I can help with?

Eunice CarolHobson-English: ok I will do that. Now I need acoffee. This has taken an hour. well done on solving the problem Remar. Goodnighy xx


My pleasure! Thank you so much for your time and have a good night!


Glad I was able to resolve your enquiry 🙂

well gang, there is another long conversation the following night, then I tried something suggested more on that later, to date the link below will bring you up to date on Sunday 2nd Feb

Stopping Right Now

well that is just what I needed, no seriously. In the pat few months I have been gnawing at my nails, especially in the evenings.My nails look disgusting and my doctor noticed and suggested I got false nails over to prevent the bad habit. My career and I were discussing options only last Thursday but it has taken this shocking story and pics to make me aware of what I have been doing. Compulsive behaviour is a side-effect of Madopar, one of my Parkinson’s meds but that is no excuse. So I will name and shame _Mee and put a photo here right now. Taken with my wobbly left hand

Watch “Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi) Cover by Cory and Allison” on YouTube

I am blown away by the sound these

two create together online even though it seems

they are not in the same place, or even the same town.


Check them out from the link (click on the pic) and tell me what you think on the comments below.

I will see pwhat I can learn about this talent phenomenon and Corey and Allison. Hope Cory’s lovely wife wont mind! Something to do on Australia Day when the heat and humidity are way above normal and the nearest bushfire threat is under control 9km away.

My part of NSW Australia

Missing Wartime Bomber Found

A authorities are trying to track down relatives belonging to the violets lost in this plane crash during the war. Its believed theremains may still be inside the bomber and a proper funeral will be respectfully provided which is why they want to find family members even after this time. It must be good 4 somebody in the family to be able to get closure.

Its Mee That is Warming!

100f in the shade on the patio thermometer meaning it is higher in the sun. Poor Posties and Tradies* are getting fried. No afternoon siesta here. The weather is a bit wild here today but it seems to be that way all over the world. I just wish we co

uld get through one day without hearing the words ‘global warming’. There is too much talk and not enough action. Even digging my kitchen peelings into the garden is supposed to help enrich the soil, and my coffee grounds not only keep snails at bay (they stick to snail slime), but they provide nitrogen. Every little helps, if everybody does it.

The grey water, as they call it here, is collected from my shower into a basin, and then I get my little watering can for the smaller plants outside. If everyone on the planet did just a couple of things as simple as these the compound effect should be very positive. Here at Lake Macquarie we are now on level 2 water restrictions which is really serious. We are allowed a 4 minute shower (I know -who is going to stand there with a stopwatch timing me for 4 of minutes in the shower lol.

We also have restrictions on hand-held hoses and other things. I always have containers out to collect any rain water for the garden and I am looking at getting a small plastic rainwater tank to collect water as it comes off the roof and down the drain pipe because when it does rain here it pours!

Clouds have been building up all afternoon over the ocean but on the BOM radar the cloud seems to be moving in a cyclonic movement, which could explain the gusts of wind we keep having.

Don’t know if you saw the huge hailstones that have been falling here but I have had experience of that in Singleton when a violent storm came carrying hailstones the size of golf balls and bigger.

The storm came literally screaming through the town and totally trashed my car that had just been got ready for sale. Silly me; because it was in a friend’s back yard supposedly safe, and the insurance has just run out, I did not bother to renew it until it got sold, which would have made the world of difference. In the end I came out $2,000 worse off on the sale of my car which was to be my holiday spending money when I got to the UK. It was really stressful to repair since the whole town needed their cars fixing too.

It is a long story, and that was my last car ( Holden Commodore automatic built like a tank!)

Click on photo for more info on the Aussie iconic car of the 1980’s. Now very collectable.

*Aussie slang for Postmen and Tradesmen. Of course Firies are firemen. Names and titles are always foreshortened here. eg I am always called Euni for Eunice

Bedroom update – When is a lamp NOT a lamp?

The NOT (yes it is) lamp on my design board

Well for those of you my friends who have been watching the progress of my bedroom refurb (hope you weren’t holding your breath) you would have seen from the original plan that my finishing touch was to be the lights to stand behind the bedside cabinets. I have found the perfect ones thanks to Google, that brought up lots of pictures from Bunnings to IKEA and places in between. The IKEA ones are perfect, or will be once I get them assembled .

Now IKEA assembly and Parkinson’s are not the best companions so I have put in a prequest for eldest son, who you have met previously while assembling other ideas, and I’m waiting to hear back from him . This usually consists of a text while I am still in bed saying “will be there in 15 minutes” which initiates a scramble for the shower to be fresh and dressed before he gets here.

The great thing about IKEA, The Swedish furniture company, is that because you are saving the cost of assembly you get some great pieces at very reasonable prices. These lamps cost only $17 each plus postage and we are well over $40 ready-made from other brands, so it is worth the effort.

Ordering was a bit odd as it is called the not lamp.NOT. Reading the blurb was a tad confusing; was it not available or was it, the NOT, not available?

Anyway two were available so I ordered online and they were due on 8 January. That was exciting until 8 January came and went then a few days more and when I went to the tracking online (which is a great idea incidentally) it seems that my packages were lost in the warehouse in Newcastle. This was confirmed by a very time consuming phone call to TOLL transport who told me eventually they had two consultants who would get back to me. Still waiting, so I went back to IKEA who are very nice (and sound Swedish). They sent me out another one so my package arrived by the same carrier but as stated at the right time.

Unfortunately I did not have the energy to even open the box for a few hours as I have been to the doctor just see about my swollen face. My the glands have apparently flared up. Booked for an ultrasound Wednesday (tomorrow). Already on antibiotics for diverticulitis.

Got up this morning feeling more adventurous and having opened the box yesterday evening after a few hours rest here are the assembled or disassembled parts ready to assemble.

STOP PRESS.. text just arrived:

I finish earlier today so I can pop over later to assemble them

Isn’t my son just wonderful? …to be continued

This Scottish reporter was tricked into wearing full protective gear to hold a fearsome Aussie drop bear

So we got another one and the funny thing is that the reporter, Debi Edward, is Scottish like me and in Scotland the haggis is the equivalent of the Aussie drop bear where we can warn tourist to look out for them! She will be forever always welcome in Australia and be ‘shouted ‘a beer for taking it in such good part.

‘Goodonyer’ Debi.

Screenshot from SBS featuring Debi Edward

You gotta know when to fold them

From The Gambler by Kenny Rogers country music star. Well I was sitting watching a program on the ABC about stroke victims coincidentally from my area and I realised I was still trying to untangle the blooming Christmas lights to put up in the garden. Then I realised my face was very red and I had been sitting still too long trying to untangled all those lights (50 metres lol) which frankly can’t be done. So I went over and checked my blood pressure 166 over 87 and the warning bell 20 went off in my head before anything else did.

As the song says you’ve got to know when to hold them/ know when to fold them know when to walk away I know when to run.

Compulsive behaviour is a side effect of Parkinson’s medication, especially Madopar I reminded myself. So, before I myself have a stroke I got the scissors and cut through those lights. and put them in the bin.

I said previously I am stubborn but I am not stupid. After all the Reject Shop has plenty on special at the moment.

I am wondering how much of this is Parkinson’s and how much is dementia I as my mum started to get a bit vague at this age. But then I have always been like this.

I will do an update on my symptoms progress in a separate item but for now I’m having a lie down after just realising I had lied to my meds alert that I have taken my tablets and just found out I had not and one of them was my blood pressure tablet so I am now 4 hours behind and that explains why my left arm was getting very jerky. more on that later

A Mug for a Mug

Something I like to do is turn my photos into graphics, then have them Printed on to mugs in very small numbers for special people. These were my Xmas gifts for friends and helpers last year.

The photos were taken around the gardens in my village and I like the vibrant, cheery colours.

In addition I took one of my photos of the interior of a cafe up the Valley in Singleton that Janet thought looked ‘a bit Monet’ and added jt to a pink-lined m

ug. She has now requested the second photo on a matching mug for her birthday in May.

The Timer is Set

At 8am my new coffee percolater is set to spring into life, and hiss and burble as it drips boiling water on to the coffee grounds in the paper filter. The water will then percolate through and drip into the jug on the warming plate. Assuming it actually knows when 8am is in my part of town. Time will tell, haha

All very high-tech for an impulse buy on special at JB Hifi. What made it special to me was the large print on the buttons, since I am vision impaired. I am sorely tampted to press the ‘brew now’ rather than the ‘brew later’ which means I have less than 4 hours to go. Back to sleep for now…

Similar version today on Amazon

Nothing will ever be as much fun, however as the syphon system of a 1960,’s Cona coffee percolater, which looked similar to this Bodum model on sale at Amazon today.

With its hourglass shape and toughened glass stopper, the Cona was fascinating to watch as the heated water began to infiltrate up past the stopper into the brandy glass top, where it then steeped the coffee grounds in near boiling water till the upper level contained all the liquid. The contraption was then stood aside where pysics took place as the brewed coffee syphoned back down into the now empty jug at the base. With a final slurp and gurgle the coffee was finally syphoned back, ready for pouring once the top was removed. I never tired of watching this magic, but the glass rods broke eventually.

The Italian stove-top silver metal model works in a similar way, and is still very popular today.

Italian coffee maker

Plunger, or cafetiere coffee being the simplest method.


No, actually instant coffee from a jar is the simplest, but we will pretend I didn’t day that.

On the other hand, a plethora of space age coffee machines has seen increasing sophistication in home coffee brewing.

I have three simple models retired to the pantry, plus a tiny saucepan to use on a stand over a candle to boil in a power cut.

Meanwhile my new machine with timer (memories of the fantastic bedroom Teasmade!) kicked into life after I hit the ‘brew now’ button, and the reset timer worked like clockwork on the next attempt. Happy Days.

My own design mug looks good with it. See next post

Watch “Connie Talbot Sings LIVE! at GMTV Album Launch (4:3 version)” on YouTube

Please click here to watch

When you can’t sleep which is a big problem for us parky’s people YouTube s a real help and last night or around 4 a.m. this morning I came across this lovely little girl and her lovely voice. Connie actually wrote the song she performed on Britain’s Got Talent when she was 14 but I have started watching from when she was 6. When all the country seems to be burning around you as it is here at the moment it’s a good thing to know hat really nice people re still out there. I always feel a tinge of worry for these young children because so many of them get destroyed by all the fame and apparent success and then end up with nothing but this little girl and her parents seem very grounded and that is really good. Anyway enough of me please do go and try watching the YouTube videos of Connie Talbot just for the feel-good factor of it.

Youtube screenshot

Bedroom Update – something from nothing

Well it has already been described as ‘Bohemian Fairy’ and ‘whimsical, but my updated bedroom is nearly there after a lull over Christmas.

I picked up my Indian carving from Cherry Road Garden Centre, and Naughty-Norman-93 (he of the runaway mobility scooter on Youtube), insisted on staggering along the path with it. He is still standing. What a legend!

Today Terrific Trev, our resident Maintenance Expert, came and fixed it to the wall very firmly to make sure the hydraulic bed movement doesnt dislodge it onto my head. He also out up two of my paintings so that feels good.

The velour large cushion has the Eiffel Tower in rhinestones

My design board

The two Ikea uplighter standard lamps are in the mail, so hopefully the bushfires around Sydney wont delay matters (my heart is breaking for those who have lost absolutely everything). Here am I fussing about cushions, but I know what it is t lose everything, and we just start piecing it back together. This work in progress is part of my own story.

The bedside tables still require new wooden toos, and the Venetian glas lamps

Deja Vu

Highly strung! Lights at Xmas

Just spent two hours ttempting to untangle 50 metres of solar garden lights. Since they are not coloured thought I would string them around the courtyard. Untangling was quite therapeutic really – for the first 90 minutes. The lights cling together like velcro.

Tomorrow I will attempt to untangle 50 metres of …

Update: Sunday.

”Stubborn’ is the word that most describes me. My son took one look yesterday and said ‘Mum, just bin it and get some more next Xmas’. Very sensible, but the Scot in me says ‘Ye cannae waste it while it stiill wurks,’!

It. is quite absorbing – a reverse form of maccrame and good exercise for my left Parkinson’s arm. Also, with the tension of the bushfire threat it is quite good my calming the nerves up to appoint then you just have to walk away till another time. With. the weather being as it is and very hot and humid it is not worth going out and gardening so it’s Sunday morning and I will have another little go at it.

I have got bundles held with cable ties and really it is a two-person job but I simply don’t have the patience..

Day 3. The end. 50 metres was 40 metres too far.

Merry Xmas to Mee!

Isnt this the most beautiful thing?! Designed and made in Sydney, Australia, by Sheryl and Brooke of WHICH BAGS, to fit in the front bag of my rollator. I am absolutely wrapt with it!

Each item is carefully hand-made, so I requested a large makeup bag for my Dance Mom daughter-in-law in this dance fabric.

for my dancer grandaughter they had this embroidered denim number with internal pockets which will hold lots of stuff for rehearsal nights.

The ‘Harley’ rollator next to a huge scoter

And finally, with specially done machine embroidery is the wedding makeup bag for my lovely home physiotherapist, Nicola. Each visit I get an update on the arrangements for what is going to be a fabulous and romantic special occasional. There will be no last minute panic trying to find Which Bag belongs to the bride!

Finally, my 18-year old Beautiful and elegant older Grandaughter is receiving her Xmas money folded into this cute change purse made by Sheryl. (both she and my grandson’s girlfriend were very pleased with them

What a very stress-free way to do my Christmas shopping, especially since I included something beautiful but very usefull for myself! That is called therapy.

Baby Archie is Wearing our Ugg Boots!

Here in Australia we were so proud to see baby Archie wearing the tiny sheepskin boots given to him by retired Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, on our behalf. Called Ugg boots here for as long as I remember (although there has been a legal challenge to the brand name from outside the country) they are made here in the Hunter Valley and they are the softest cosiest things you can put on your feet, so no wonder Archie looks comfy. His tiny toes would be toastie warm!The photo was taken by his Mother, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Ugg boots are an Aussie icon. Worn by both men and women, indoors or out, they are the nearest thing i can think of to an adult ssecurity blanket! At the end of a long day I would pull on my soft grey original-style ones, feel my toes sink into the soft fleece and sigh as the world slipped away. Sadly, I lost that pair to my teenage son but how could I as a mother deprive him of such a source of comfort? As Aussies we do have an emotional attachment to them, in the country or city.

See the Ugg boots factory website The Mortels website describes itself thus:

Mortels manufacturing base is located at Thornton, and they retail their locally manufactured product from showrooms in both Thornton and Warners Bay. Mortels only distribute in Australia through their own retail outlets to preserve their brand and the quality of Australian manufacturing. They also offer a large range of their products through their website, direct sales to local, national and international customers. Mortels sheepskins are specially selected from Australian grown sheep….

Oops I didnt intend to copy all the above, but this is such an Australian local no-hype company and I have really enjoyed wearing their products. It includes the style of boots Archie is swearing, so now you know where to get them!

Photo courtesy of Mortels web site

Name Dropping: Sir Peter Cosgrove – retired Australian Governor General.

I met Sir Peter early on in his military career in the 1970’s when he was an officer at the Singleton Army base and I was involved in local tourism.

‘A real man’s man’, as they say, totally involved in the running of a busy training camp and the welfare of his troops. A no-nonsence kind of person, got to the point. Got it done.

My connection was through the Army museum on the camp. I remember having a short but interesting conversation about what they were training to defend us from, since Australia seemed a very safe continent. That was a real eye-opener!

He managed to keep the local town of Singleton onside, despite our houses being constantly rattled by the Army’s bombing and shelling practice. He had the total respect of his troops. He and his wife, Lynne Cosgrove were very popular at social eevents.

He has gone from strength to strength but I haven’t followed his career until he appeared on the news doing a good job as our Governor General and the only person I know who could keep this current bunch of politicians in line.

Even back in the 1970’s Sir Peter had a presence, and he is one of the few people of whom I have ever stood in awe.Biography

Bushfires Getting Closer

Yes its scary but the smoke that has thickened is from further away so far. The wind has just changed direction so the smoke we are getting may be coming from inland now till the southerly promised blows it Batemans Bay down past Sydney that you are watching. I get txts from the fire service and have a security system that will tell me if I have to go. But the main road goes between Sydney and Newcastle between the mmotorways and that will jam pretty quickly. The last fire got very close about three months ago but the firies are amazing. My eldest son is 15 mins drive away with a hill and bushland between but they are on alert too so I am best here in my village which has firefighting standpipes etc. We are ok now and we back on to the water like Batemans Bay etc but we are on the lake. On the other side of the lake a huge fire has been going for days. The ocean is 15 mins drive away on the other side of the highway with houses and bush between.On the map I am between Newcastle and the Central Coast, where Karen Ractliffe lives. Ang Bennett is in Singleton 87kms way up the Hunter Valley where my younger son and family plus many long-term friends live. They have fires in their area too. It is all historic and very surreal. 34C on the patio in the shade. 10.18am

41C / 110f by 2pm.

The sun coming up blazing

Next morning storm and promised rain didnt come but thankfully neither did the fires though. Ooh oh, windy at 7am and siren in the distance. Supposed to soar into the 40’s again today. Cant relax. We have had a few fres start locally, but they have soon been doused, thank goodness.

Mildly Irritated

There was a young man on ABC television this evening who seemed to think he was a comedian. Somebody Ballard I think. Sadly most of his audience did not seem to agree with him perhaps because they, like me, were of the Baby bBoomer generation he was harranging in the name of comedy.

It seems he was very irate that we weren’t dying and leaving our children our homes as he would like. Obviously he had not read the basic rules for Baby Boomer home ownership n the 60’s- 1970’swhich were:

1. Finish school with an education.

2. Get a job and continue educatiion at night school, TAFE etc. Or get an apprenticeship. Or a Uni degree then a job.

3. Work hard to save for a block of land. Pay off land for getting a mortgage.

4. Apply for mortgage and build house, often self-build with mates and tradies.

5. Work hard to pay the mortgageagainst 11% interest rates.

6. Give birth to, indulge and support ungrateful children who will blame you for all their failings.

7. Support and care for elderly parents.

Finally, pay taxes honestly your whole working life life to ensure the government has money look after you in your old age. Unfortunately see much of this money used to maintain millennial dole bludgers you don’t know the meaning of hard work (and perhaps are never going to get the chance to find out).

At least this one did not get blaming my generation for global warming. That began if anything, with the Industrial Revolution. My generation forced smokeless zones, and cleared city smog. We replaced coal fires, found natural gas, and were great at recycling everything, especially furniture.

It was not us who invented the disposable society that created all the plastic bags and messed up the world so I am not taking the blame for that, though it seemed a brilliant idea at the time.

Even when coal mining was still seen as an acceptable occupation we made sure that the older inefficient methods were replaced and the mess was cleaned and land reclaimed. Once production increased pollution we became aware, and we protested and took action. There is such a lot to discuss on that one but we did our best and are still making change.

We were not just sitting in front of computers making a lot of angry emojis and twittering.

And as for dying just to give him the family home to do what with because certainly he will not know how to maintain it, well I’m sorry but I am like one of those old cars. While they still make plenty of spare parts I will be around.

at this point I lost interest in his rantings and switched off my hearing aid

My Wicked Past 1976 Age 30

Two different photos. Two different outfits (both homemade by the way). I was the volunteer new tourist officer at the time and the first one for the area so I put everything in the local paper, The Singleton Argus. A member of the community said to me “If you’re not with the men you’re always drinking, to which I retorted very quickly “Well they don’t pay much but the perks are good”. End of story

Robert Drinan, publican and farmer, David Petrie, Singleton Motel

PS. Wouldn’t they have made something of that if social media was alive then!

2nd January .2020 Bushfires closer

Fires moving in. Latest one 7kms across the lake. Thanks for your love and concern. We’ve been lucky so far, and the power has stayed on, meaning my air-conditioner can cool and clean the air. One of the problems is floating embers that can travel on the hot air for a long distance, and once they touch down it is a match to a bonfire. I am surrounded by trees as you see here, which is usually lovely. You can se the smoke in e air like a mist. I’m not being dramatic, but Im not being complacent either. I can no longer see to drive, and my only and safest option is to stay put, keep inflammable things indoors and the wood damp ( with water restrictions). We cant rely on hose pressure, as other places have learned, but I am in an aged comunity and there are fire brigade standpipes all around the perimeter if they get here. Its not something we can ignore. ‘Watch and Act is kur current level. It only takes a lightning strike, or a stupid cigarette butt. In the meantime we are watching huge floods in other parts of the globe. All very odd. My family and all my friends are in the same position.

Found It!the remote control

Oh duh! Been looking everywhere for the bed adjustment remote since before midnight, New Year’s Eve last night. Just as well the bed was horizontal at the time. No sign of it anywhere, so I decided to fix up my new bed organiser properly.

It is from ebay, about $6 inc postage from China and is just perfect for reaching out and popping things neatly in easy reach. It is designed to drop over a bedhead but my bed moves.

However it is the perfect fit for the side of the bedside table using 2 hooks and a length of ribbon. It simply drops over the ribbon, making it easy to lift off and carry or wash.

The see-through mesh is a brilliant feature, making everything visible.

Behind the three pockets is an A4 pocket right across. My A5 Samsung tablet slots in easily.

So I have my remote, mobile and Tens pain machine, even hearing aid, in the front pockets where they wont slip on to the floor. Wait a minute…there is a lump in the A4 pocket. Yay the remote! Well the system works, even if I had slipped it in wrong pocket.

Definitely afternoon nap time. Happy New Year all. xx

Bushfires Still Everywhere


We are between Newcastle and the Central Coast, about an hour and aa half from Sydney

Reply to a friend: Thanks Jean. We are getting used to smoke in the air, and the risk of any spark starting a massive blaze. The fire station is not far away and its all closely monitored. Nowhere is safe where there are trees like here but apart from being ready to go if told life goes on. We had fires earlier so much preparation and clearing has gone on. As long as no one does anything stupid like setting off wireworks tonight which land on bone dry grass and leaves we just hope the outlying fires are kept under control. Its a massive task. Im worried for my youngest family and oldest friends in Singleton, further up the Hunter Valley, where bushland has been burning for weeks. These fires move so rapidly.xx

Garden Update Slideshow Xmas

2019 Sorry I havent been up to much over the past week. Divericulitis got out of control. kept me awake, all very sore and boring, but am on second lot of antibiotics, had ct of lung nodule for monitoring today and once they found the vein for the contrast and got the dreaded canula in it took no time at all. But the referral was supposed to be for abdominal ultrasound when doc and I were talking. Since I was able to get in for the scan I did not go up to the hospital a and as planned and Karen and I decided to postpone he. planned New Year Eve visits since the weather is so hot and smokey from the bush fires and her area is very unstable as far as fire danger goes so once I realised we can do the same thing whether it’s being New Year or not and when the weather is more suitable and my symptoms are under control it didn’t seem so drastic to be giving up what was to be he highlight of my Christmas holiday. But anyway I have made it through another year and so have you so onward and upward gang let’s see what we can achieve in 2020!

I had a lighthearted piece in the Newcastle Herald last week. thanks to Damon Cronshaw of the Topics column. It is here if you would like to read. Click on the photo read the whole paper.


The Annual Xmas Dinner – Village Life

Off the record. Definitely NOT for the newsletter. Hottest Xmas dinner on record? At least by temperature when the aircons werent coping. Knew it was a big mistake when the young soprano sang Brahms Lullaby before we even lined up for the food. It started off with everybody quite chirpy and a good crowd but she sang the most dreary (not just my opinion) arrangement of songs from ‘Jerusalem to Amazing Grace, all to the most miserable slow, backing tracks, that there was a sigh of relief every time the backing cd cut out due to overheating. Allison gave it her all, bless her,but was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and by the end of her 30-minute bracket a pall of depression was settling over the hall. By the time we queued to be served my twisted spine had set off muscle spasms that led to stomach cramps so I had to abort and head home, feeling suicidal. It took till 11pm when I had recovered enough to make and taste the brandy cream for tonight’s brandy snaps to take to the family dinner. .

Mind you, not really complaining since I never want to organse an event myself ever again, but never again will I go to the village MXmas party! Has the vdeo clip attached? I’ve put it on Youtube. Its only a couple of seconds.
love Eunice